The Red’s Army Fantasy Challenge, Part 2

It’s time for third annual Red’s Army Fantasy Challenge.  Here’s your last chance to enter:

Go to Yahoo’s fantasy basketball home and click “sign up now.”  It’s right next to the picture of Paul Pierce… who is the Yahoo fantasy sports cover boy this year.  Then join a custom league.

The league ID# is 46226

The password is: bigthree

Join now… the league fills up fast.  The winner in each league gets a free Red’s Army shirt!


11 Responses

  1. Is this a live draft???

  2. You guys have blown up…. I mean, I remember a two years ago you did the same thing, and it took a couple weeks for the league to fill up….. Now the league has 6 members within 2 minutes of this post….. you guys are getting invited to Celtics media luncheon, taking pictures with the trophy and talking to Danny Ainge…. DAMN.

  3. Any chance we can make this a live draft? I see that it is autopick…

  4. Sweet, I just made it. Let’s do this.

  5. I tried twice to get in – and no luck.
    I was last year’s champ…and I don’t have the opportunity to defend my title…
    This sucks…

  6. Why are there limits on how many can join? Karalis…you need to be held accountable for this.

    Any reader who wants in on the league, pepper John with emails until he fixes this mess.

  7. Can’t someone else just start a league and post the info here? I got in to the second league but would be willing to start another league and open it up to you guys. This is a great community and the friendly competition would be fun.

    If I were to start another league and it filled up fast I would probably give up my spot in league two and let everyone know here it was open.

    Army dudes let me know if I am stepping on toes and I won’t do anything, it just seems like there are a lot of people who would love to get in on Red’s Army basketball goodness.

  8. First off… there have to be limits. You can’t have a 1,000 person league.

    Anyone who wants to start a league can go ahead. If there is a huge demand… I can start a 3rd…. but I can’t do 3 live drafts. If I start a 3rd… they’re all autopick drafts.

  9. Does second place get a long hug from Chuck???????????

  10. Yep… just like the ones James Posey used to hand out

  11. Yahoo ID #: 106596 for a comically deep league where players like Darko and Diop will be drafted in the last round.

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