GM’s: Clueless… or Jealous?

It’s announcement time!

I’ve been asked to be the Boston Celtics Examiner for… which is launching it’s Examiner Boston site.  That just means I’ll be covering the Celtics for them.  For those of you regulars… on mornings when I’ve written something for them… I’ll post the link here.

Today is the first of those days. 

The NBA’s GM’s were polled… and 46% of them think the Lakers are going to beat the Celtics.  Me… I think they’re nuts.

Look… I get that the Lakers are a good team.  But the NBA is clearly getting ready to repeat history… because the Lakers have done absolutely nothing to shore up their horrible defense.  They’re a high-powered offensive team… but defense wins championships.  And the lost of James Posey notwithstanding, the Celtics are still THE premier defensive team in the league.  In fact, a healthy Tony Allen might be BETTER than Posey.

I’m curious which GM’s picked the Lakers (and why only 19% like Boston).  I wonder if those are the same GM’s whose teams are barely playoff contenders.  Let’s remember… of the 30 teams in the league… about 10 or so are really contenders.  The other 20 will be strategizing for the draft in a few months.  Just remember that before we put much stock in half the league driving the Lakers’ bandwagon.

At least GM’s recognize our defensive superiority.   44% say KG is the best defender in the NBA.  41% say he’s the best interior defender.  19% say Rajon Rondo is the best on-the-ball defender…. but 27% say Kobe is the best on the ball.  Kobe USED to be that good… but he’s let that slide over the past few years.   Rondo also got votes as best defender of passing lanes.

Other interesting results:  Boston has the 2nd best home court advantage.  Ray Allen is (by a LARGE margin) the best pure shooter… and he’s 2nd best at moving without the ball (Rip Hamilton is easily #1). 

And 51% say KG is the best leader.  2nd place?  Tim Duncan, Steve Nash and Chris Paul … all tied at 11%. 

As for coaches:  Doc Rivers is in the middle of the pack as best motivator, best in-game adjustments, and best defensive schemes.  Tom Thibodeau is easily the best assistant coach.  And Sam Cassell was voted 2nd in the “active player that will make the best head coach someday” category. 

Hey… remember to vote for Red’s Army in LA Ball Talk’s best team blog contest.  Right now it’s us and CelticsBlog fighting it out for the lead!  WE NEED YOUR VOTES!  If I need to… I’ll get John McCain’s campaign managers in here to launch a huge negative campaign.  I’ll do it!  My ego IS that big and fragile.

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9 Responses

  1. “the lost of James Posey”

    This is just Redsarmy anymore…. proof-reading might be a key….. just kidding…. like the post though.

  2. dammit.

    Just fixed it.

  3. Unfortunately, they HAVE TO say stuff like this, because they fear too many losses in ticket sales and advertising if they admit that the C’s are just going to plow through the league again.

    on another note: My Season Tickets showed up last night. Man, the ticket for Opening night is freaking HUGE!!!

  4. yea they are definately not counting my vote over at la ball talk

  5. They didn’t count mine either!! FRAUD!!

    Actually…. I just emailed them.. Let’s see what they say

  6. Internet explorer wont open the site properly, if you get there with Firefox it works fine.

  7. that’ll probably do it.

  8. You can clear your cookies and vote again and again.

  9. FRAUD!! That kind of fraud I like, though

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