The Celtics Championship Ring

This thing is awesome.

The Celtics showed a preview of their rings last night.  They also let loose and, shocker, Glen Davis got a ton of laughs.

What more can I write?  Here are the links… and then you’ll see two side views after the jump.

Examiner:  2008-09 Celtics Primer  |  Globe:  Plenty of fight in them  |  Hawks uplifting experience  |  FanHouse:  Lakers want revenge  |  T&G:  KG is still a hungry man  |  Enterprise News:  Garnett still hungry for perfection  |  Championship trophy at Burlington Mall tomorrow



11 Responses

  1. Drug Overdose Victim Taken From Isiah Thomas’ New York Home……………

  2. Yeah.. saw that. It’s also probably not Isiah. I’m not going to bang on the guy for a family problem.

  3. “We saw Bush,” said Doc, a die-hard Democrat, as he put his hand on assistant coach Clifford Ray’s shoulder. “We want to see Obama next year.”

  4. […] will be getting his wish first, and the Celtics unveiled a little preview of the bling that the players will be getting next week at the Shamrock Foundation’s Championship Celebration […]

  5. That ring is awesome…but I’m not feeling the love in the comments.

  6. As another season starts (as one just tragically ended) we as fans can begin to riverdance drink guinness and fiddle with our shalalee’s hats off to a wonderfull team thanks for the memories

  7. […] getting their snazzy new Liberace-style rings, the Celtics raised their 17th championship banner and raised the curtain on a new NBA […]


  9. Ubuntu?

    The Linux based OS?

  10. Yeah, the Celtics are big Linux fans. At the end of every huddle, they go “1-2-3… FUCK WINDOWS” and then they break.

  11. It’s the best damn ring ever made in the NBA. I’ll bet 1,000 Killkeany on it!

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