Officially Out of Topics

Alright Celtics… time to start playing.  I’m toast.

I have the official list of story lines right here… and we’re tapped out.

  • Big 3 is old – check
  • Can Tony Allen replace Posey? – check
  • How’s Perk’s shoulder? – check
  • How’s our bench? – check
  • How do the new guys look? – check
  • Bang on the Lakers for still being soft – check

See… we’ve covered it all.  I’m done.  Tomorrow night we will stare in slack-jawed amazement… or giddy, um, giddiness… as they Celtics raise their 17th banner and get their rings.  Only after that is done can we really get back down to business and start breaking things down again.

I love covering a champion… but man this part of it is boring right now. 

Herald:  Patrick O’Bryant has to make gains  |  Tony Allen must be “2” guard   |  Globe:  O’Bryant seeking role in big picture  |  Atlantic division preview  |   Enterprise news:  New start for Ray Allen  |  Megliola:  C’s will be worth watching  |  Souza:  Repeat in the cards?  |  Eagle Tribune:  C’s preview – ‘You just have to win another’  |  Patriot Ledger:  Rondo must make his point  |  How did the C’s become so good defensively

And here’s a look at the special shoe KG will be wearing for opening night, courtesy of the Globe.


6 Responses

  1. John, do you know when they announce the winner of the raffle for Wyc’s seats tonight?

    Those shoes are amazing.

  2. Can you imagine having your face on a shoe. Pretty crazy stuff!

    Is anyone heading up to boston to watch the game, because me and the boys are hitting up Boston Beerworks!

  3. G4L…. I’ll be there, but I’m going to be inside the Garden. Just bought balcony seats for about 100 bucks but it’s going to be well worth it.

    Anybody else going?

  4. Any reason why KG’s shoes have KP on them?

  5. How about getting the fantasy leagues going, the season does start tomorrow…

  6. […] The shoes are kind of hot, but as a fellow St. John’s University alum, it’s really moving to me that KG still honors his former teammate Malik every night, even eight years after he was tragically killed in a car crash with some drunk driving on the wrong side of the highway in 2000. […]

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