Scalabrine vs 73-Year-Old Dude: Who Ya Got?

Some 73-year-old dude has made the Roane State Raiders community college basketball team in New York. Check out the video – he moves damn good for an elderly man. But he’s one hard box-out away from a broken hip.


4 Responses

  1. I love how a 73yr old man had to ask his wife permission to go to a party… now thats what I called whipped!!

  2. The more important question here is what is a 73 year-old dude doing in college? You gotta get that education so you can go out in the workforce?

    Fuck yeah John…glad to see you back on barstool. I really missed the gratuitous cursing.

  3. Ken Mink? I’m pretty sure that guy was on the Spurs bench last year.

  4. Fuckin’ thanks Bill. In the fuckin’ end… we couldn’t pass up more gratuitous fuckin’ cursing.

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