Danny Ainge Gets a Raise


Trader Danny is no longer the team’s Executive Director of Basketball Operations and General Manager. He’s now the President of Basketball Ops. I doubt Danny’s duties will change one bit. All this means is more cash in Ainge’s pocket. The Celtics have also extended his contract.

Thanks to Jess Camerato for the tip!


16 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t be shocked if he brings in a GM to do his grunt work… and he just has to OK the deal.

    This could also mean some promotions for guys who have been there for a while, like Leo Papille

  2. I love how Danny’s giving the Piru blood sign from atop the championship float.

    the only thing that would be better is if while he were doing it, he were curb-stomping Ben Stern for being such an idiot.

  3. Haha, I noticed that too Danno. Don’t you mean David though?

    Good for Danny, well deserved.

  4. Man that picture gets a lot of play – almost 5,000 hits on it at my Flickr account.

    You going to the Game John? I’ll be in the building – I’ll be the guy smiling from ear-to-ear!

    Let’s Go Cel-tics.

  5. I’m there. Brought my New Nikon P-80 SuperZoom 18x optical zoom camera. Hopefully I’ll get some good shots.

    This work day is dragging like crazy.

  6. ESPN is all aboard the Lakers band wagon once again, with analysis like Kobe has too much drive to be denied two years in a row, the celtics los posey but the lakers added bynum, and with bynum PATROLLING THE PAINT (what a joke the kid plays no D) changes everything (that is except for the fact that they are still a bunch of soft explatives who even THE GREAT PHIL JACKSON cant figure out how to get to play defense

    Look at who ESPN claims are their basketball experts, what a joke, not to be racist but just because someone is black does not make them an nba expert,that means you chris broussard ,chris palmer, maurice brooks?, and SCOOP JACKSON im suprised they didnt put whats her name on it too

    Time for Scal to teach the Experts a lesson again

  7. Despite my best efforts… I will not be at the game.

    Oh well… I’ll just go to next year’s banner raising

  8. the only one who got it right last year
    Tim Legler, ESPN: KG is simply too competitive and driven to become satisfied with one ring. They will miss Posey, but their defense and rebounding will dominate.

    my 3 o’clock cancelled, good drinking everyone, off to the bar GO CELTICS

  9. Haha I’m RIGHT behind you! Got an hour left here and then its STRAIGHT to the garden. With much drinking in between of course!!!

  10. John – If you want to go, check this out:


    for the promo code, enter “celticsinsiders”

    There are still seats available. they are luxury box individual seats.

    They are $275. – steep, but they only do opening night/banner raising once.

  11. Section 311 here we come.

    One journey will be made complete.

    Another journey will begin.

  12. Section 319 reporting in here. We lead the Scal-A-Brin-E chant for the rest of the Garden to follow.

  13. If anyone wants to email me pics…chuck@redsarmy.com…I will put them up on the site tonight.

  14. Didn’t get any tickets for the game but.. Beerworks Here we come!!

  15. Chuck… I will do so, but I’m not going to be able to do it tonight. Let me know if you’d still want them in a day or two.

  16. @Danno: Hopefully you will be there Halloween night against the bulls, because I will be sporting my Brian Scalabrine costume…. a red wig, #44 jersey, a bench to sit on the whole night, and a cheeseburger in my hands.

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