Let’s Get It On!!

(NSFW Lyrics)

I can just see myself in layup lines with this music blaring… looking up at the hole in the rafters that’s about to be filled by the banner we just won.  Man, that must be one hell of a feeling… something you dream about as a kid.  Just a few hours away from tip off, and all I want to do is play basketball.  That’s the surest sign that it’s time to get this thing rolling. 

Sam Cassell talked to Jess Camerato, and explained what the team can expect as defending champs

On controlling emotions from the ring ceremony to focus on the game: You don’t control them. You don’t control them but our game plan is defense. If our offense ain’t hitting, our defense is going to be hitting so that’s the thing we live and die by, our defense. There’s no excuse if our defense isn’t up to par, so you’ll see our defense up to par and if our offense is struggling our defense will have to win the game for us.

On being a target for 82 games: Our big guys understand that and that’s why when we practice, our second unit goes after our starting unit, fouling and going after them, trying to frustrate them. But they’ve been doing a hell of a job just keeping their composure and understanding what’s at stake. And what’s at stake is winning.

While you’re watching the ring ceremony tonight, on thing will be missing:  The Cleveland Cavaliers.

From now on, I think the only power ranking I might link to is the one at Real Clear Sports.  They take all the other rankings, and base theirs on the average.  Right now, the Celtics are the consensus #1.

Paul Pierce spent yesterday serving coffee and donuts and handing out tickets to opening night.  After the links, a shot of KG on the cover of Dime Magazine.

Herald:  Worth repeating:  title defense no easy task  |  No easy opener  |  Focal point: Rajon Rondo  |  Wyc burns for more banners  |  C’s counter loss of Posey with young guns  |  Big things come in 3  |  Perk, KG in step  |  Together they stand  |  Then and now, Doc is a winner  |  Top threats to C’s throne  |  Pierce sees Red in quest to repeat  |  Words from the wise  |  Globe:  Ring in the new  |  Glorious way to get it going  |  For players, it’s won and done  |  Unflagging efforts to get it right  |  Souza:  Ready to begin  | T&G:  Auerbach misses 1st rafter party  |  LA Times:  Celtics love it when you overlook them


4 Responses

  1. But hiphop and rap hadn’t been invented yet when you were cruising through layup lines….more like Crosby, Stills and Nash.

  2. What a day, woke up had a great breakfast, my last appointment is at 3. I can’t not wait to go to chappy’s bar in Dayton, Ohio surrounded by CAVS fans I will drinking, cheering, and most like getting arrested in my RedsArmy Loyal Member shirt. Celtics by 9.

  3. Woo Hoo Jesteroo…..

    I’ll be scanning the Ohio news wires for any reports of Celtics vs. Cavs fan fights.

  4. How the hell are you going to put up a tupac song on a boston celtics website. you have lost your damn minds. Everyone knows tupac was from the best side, the west side. Lakers!

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