Still the Best

That was one kick-ass start to the season. An emotional ring and banner ceremony followed by a 90-85 victory over Cleveland. This one wasn’t pretty, but considering all the bawling that went on before the game started, I’ll take the win. Memo to the Cavs: We get it, you have a chip on your shoulder after last year’s loss and want to prove you are a tough team.

Some observations:

-C’s started first quarter flat, sloppy, missing open shots and playing little D. But thanks to solid play by Pierce (11 pts) and Powe (5 pts) at the tail end of the quarter, they only trailed by 6 (28-22). Not surprisingly, the HD feed from Comcast/TNT was equally as crappy.

-The 2nd unit, mainly Eddie House and Tony Allen (combined 2-10 FG), really struggled in the 2nd quarter. While I give TA credit for his aggressiveness, he was too wild on the offensive end. Ugliest stat of the first half – Celtics 0-9 on 3s.

-Celts jack up the intensity in the 3rd and use a 12-2 run to finally take the lead. We get our first “Cobra” sighting midway through the quarter. Rondo takes his second hard fall of the game and my hatred for the Cavs increases tenfold. An 8-0 run at the end of the 3rd puts the C’s up 7. LeBron is on the bench with 4 fouls.

-Second unit starts the 4th quarter strong. An under control Tony Allen was slashing to the hoop and taking it to LeBron…My favorite sequence comes when Powe posterizes Delonte West with a monster right-hand dunk and then takes a charge on the other end.

-Perkins still doesn’t know how to set screens!!! His foul with 3 minutes left….was covered up by the ensuing traveling call on LBJ. Rondo stepped up his play in the 4th with a couple of steals and buckets.

-James gagged hard, missing 2 of 4 throws in the final 10 seconds. Powe put the exclamation point on the win with another monster dunk.

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7 Responses

  1. not pretty… but I’ll take it too. Can’t wait to hear how things looked inside the Garden.

    I might give my MVP to Tony Allen for his aggressive 3rd quarter play.

  2. I luv loen powe wow what game the man has mad skillz

  3. leon is a BEAST!!

  4. Powe was freakin great! PJ who?

  5. Yeah, tonight’s game sealed it for me: I utterly despise the Cavaliers. I will begrudgingly give Lebron his due as the best individual player but it’s pretty nice to know we have the one guy in the league who can really go at it with him.

    And btw, once again: Thank you, Paul Pierce.

    As for Perk he certainly didn’t play an Einsteinian game, but he got screwed on some calls. That last foul was questionable (but not as questionable as Reggie Miller’s explication of a moving screen foul).

  6. TA was too wild on the offensive end?! He shot 44% from the field, which was better than Ray and KG. His jumper wasn’t falling but he was going to the hole like an all-star. All I can say is Posey who?

    The beating Rajon is taking driving to the hoop is making me nervous. I thought he injured his shoulder on the first hit, then he takes two more. He needs to find a way to drive to the hoop without getting clobbered.

    Paul looked like the Paul from Game 7. I especially loved the move he put on LeBron at the end of the third quarter. Broke his ankles!

  7. I’m from Canada but I love The Celtics. YOU GO CELTICS GREEN!!!! More power in 2008-09 season.

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