The Ceremony

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Anyone else break out in tears like the Truth? Wow….

This ceremony deserved to be on Comcast. The fans deserved to see the proper coverage. TNT did not show Paul Pierce addressing the home crowd. F-U David Stern and TNT.

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12 Responses

  1. that was unbelievable….
    I agree about the F TNT bit…should be on NBA TV in a few hrs though

  2. Wow, that was unreal, took me right back to the closing seconds of game 6. Would have loved to see comcast coverage. It would have also been nice to have had a mic on Wyc to hear what the team and staff said. TA, “Get that ring on my pinky…”

    Fantasy league 2 needs one more person, someone dropped out so scroll down for league ID# and password to join so our league can draft tomorrow.

  3. um leon powe dunk then drawing offensive foul? i love this team. please get that YT for tomorrow.

  4. great ceremony. it would of been nice if James Posey was there. kinda like when Derek Lowe came to Fenway 05 opening ceremony for the 04 champs. woulda been a great way to say goodbye to vital part of last years team.
    oh well, TA is playin well.

  5. I hate to say I didn’t see it…. I don’t have TNT on my cable in NH. Seeing The Truth at the double D in Waltham yesterday was pretty cool though. He is clearly living in the moment!!!! We should all take a lesson from that…..

  6. it is great to see my celtics win again in celtics fashion, i will be in the stands in ca to see the celtics play the kings in dec. i am a us navy sailor and a die hard boston fan of all boston teams. thank you for the last year. lets do it again celtics. cs3 michael ardito

  7. Pierce – what a fag! The fake knee injury in game 1 of the finals, now the gay tears? Seriously? Then the Celts squeak by in the home opener, which was preceded by a banner ceremony. It should’ve been a blowout.

    The FULL STRENGTH Lakers with Bynum and Ariza, however, won convincingly. It’s only the beginning.

  8. Right… crying is gay

    Get the fuck out of here.

  9. Full strength Flakers? Don’t get use to that. Bynum will miss atleast 20 games this year , Kobe 10-20 games. They played a Trailblazer team who failed to make the playoffs last year.

    See you on Christmas, and I HOPE you are full strength. OH, and we can say fuck? Merry fucking christmas faker fans!

  10. damn right paulie p….this guy has seen some of the worst Celtics teams come through here in years…nobody here knows whats its like to raise a NBA championship trophy or banner so u cant really say shit…pierce is the man and if he wants to get emotional during a ceremony like that then he has all the right…how can anyone hate on paul pierce the man has given everything to this franchise

  11. That really sucked that the announcers talked right over Pierce addressing the crowd. I was trying to tune them out and hear what he was saying, but they were too loud. I would have liked to hear it. It should have been on Comcast.

  12. haha Rambis got pwned

    Pierce 4 MVP

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