It’s back!

(Via Ball Don’t Lie)


7 Responses

  1. At half court, nonetheless.

  2. Oh MAN!

    The Cobra is TIGHT!

  3. did you guys hear about just giving the lakers the championship already. screw playing 100+ games, just give them the championship already. if you don’t believe me, go to,0,7206521.column

  4. I fucking hate idiots like that who make big proclamations after 1 game.

    Fuck him. I’m not wasting my time on that ass

  5. I love the Cobra! Back-to-Back Defensive player of the year! Or Finals MVP!!!

  6. Man, I was AT the game and somehow didn’t see this. If I had I would have gone NUTS…

  7. […] as raw emotion… the perception outside of Celtics-nation is growing increasingly negative.  The Cobra thing he does is seen by some as showing up the other team.  KG is seen as always picking on the little guards, […]

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