More Awards for the Truth

Our friends at have named Paul Pierce their Bostonian of the Week. Paul’s play in the season opening win over the Cavs has been overshadowed by his weepy appearance during the ring/banner ceremony. Not only did the Truth drop 27 pts (10-19FG) on LBJ, but he did so without much help from his co-stars. Anyone else notice KG and Ray were a combined 7-24 from the field for a total of 19 points? So all those haters can keep cracking those cryin’ jokes. Pierce looks like a man on a mission. 

In other news, the Lakers are throwing $58 million at Andrew Bynum. Count J.A. Adande as one of the few writers who thinks Bynum still has a lot to prove.

For the Lakers, the desire to lock up a player who has shown the potential to join the small fraternity of elite big men in the NBA has been tempered by the small sample pool of games in which Bynum has actually performed well. He was used sparingly as a rookie, his production dropped off after a solid start to his second season, then his breakout third year was cut short by a knee injury in January. Bynum is averaging 7.2 points and 5.6 rebounds per game in his career.

Adande also points out that Clippers center Chris Kaman has outperformed Bynum to date. Yet Lakers fans across the board insist he’s the guy who will put LA over the top.  


5 Responses

  1. Lakers fans and reality do not mix. That can be the only explanation to their attitude about an unproven player.

  2. Some Laker’s fans were so desparate to find a reason that they lost the finals they made Bynum the missing Messiah. Does not matter that the Celts beat them twice last year with him playing. They are overpaying him, because if you lie long enough you will begin to believe it yourself.

  3. hey are you guys stupid man. with bynum and gasol clogging the lane I like to see Pierce drive down this time and see what the hell happens an actually injury will happen this time. come this Christmas it gonna be one hell of a present when Lakers stomp on the Celtics

  4. unfortunately nora, it’s not only the lakers fans believing that bynum is a savior in the future. mark heisler from LA times also believes that the signing of bynum has cast a cloud upon the other 29 teams in the nba.

  5. Jeez… the kid’s good… but he’s not the second coming.

    Can’t wait for Christmas

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