Good Defense or Bad Offense or Both?


I wanna give the Celtics defense full credit for tonight’s manhandling of the Chicago Bulls. When you see stats like 80 pts, 30% FG and 21 TOs – you gotta cite the defense right? Yes, but the Bulls were absolutely hideous on their own. As Mike and Tommy pointed out numerous times, shot selection was atrocious. Hey Tyrus Thomas (2-17 FG) – ever heard of a pass? Derrick Rose had some flashes and can get to the hoop, but can you really be impressed with a point guard who tallies one assist?

Offensively, the Celtics were efficient. KG dominated with 18 pts and 10 boards. Pierce had a quiet 14 pts and 9 boards while Leon played super-sub again – 13 pts, 6 rebounds. Subtract several turnover-prone minutes in the 3rd quarter and this game could have been a 40-point blowout. Best of all, KG and Ray played less than 30 minutes which should help tomorrow night in Indiana.

Even though Chicago had two 7-footers on the floor with their second unit in the 2nd quarter, Doc kept Patrick O’Bryant on the bench and went with Big Baby, Powe and Scalabrine. POB didn’t get into the game until garbage time cementing the fact that Doc doesn’t like something about his game. After watching his lackluster performance, I now get it.

Nocioni and Noah were whining like bitches most of the night. I was hoping Perk and/or Powe would take a shot at one of them.

Celtics 96 Bulls 80 Box Score | Recap

Prior to the game, the Celtics officially exercised next year’s option on Rajon Rondo’s contract.

Count ESPN’s John Hollinger has 3 Lakers on his All-Decline team. FWIW – there are no Celtics on the squad.


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  1. It was good defense and putrid shooting. The Bulls were forced into jump shots; they just missed a ton of them. Tyrus Thomas missed a lot of completely wide open jumpers. Not his forte obviously but making a couple doesn’t seem that tall of a task. Gordon and Deng also had some decent shots too that they bricked. The thing is without making any of those jumpers there was no way the Celtics were going to let them get inside.

    Rose looked pretty good I thought, all things considered. He has a ways to go, but he is a miniature beast. Strong yet very quick. Tough to get assists when your teammates can’t make a shot also.

    Between scaring the hell out of me on his drives and falls, Rondo has come out of the gate very impressively. I liked Tony’s game again as well (well, until garbage time hit).

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