I’m Getting Sick Of This

It seemed like every time Rajon Rondo went to the hole last night, he ended up on the deck.  For a short stretch there, it seemed like it was happening every other play.  And it’s not like he popped right back up, either.  One one play, he landed, literally, right on his butt.  Not one of those land-and-slide things either.  You could see him grimace and hold it. 

I love Rajon Rondo’s style of play.  I love his aggressiveness.  I love his fearless attacking of the basket.  But I DON’T love seeing our only true point guard, and huge defensive menace who disrupts the other team’s point of attack, hitting the ground hard 5 times a game.  He’s a tough kid, and he keeps getting up… but that can only last for so long. 

What’s the solution?  I don’t know yet.  Can you tell him to back off?  Do you send an enforcer to knock one of their guys off his feet?  I don’t know.  But I do know that something needs to be done to keep Rondo upright. 

I don’t think NBA 2K9 has a “Rondo fall violently to the floor” button… but you can do one of his fakes.   And if you are so inclined, you can buy some replica Celtics Championship jewelry.  I’m waiting for them to make a big 4-finger ring that reads “Champs” in cursive script.  But hey, not everyone is as understated as I am.

Here’s the Stephen A. Smith interview with the Big 3 in 2 parts:  Part 1  |  Part 2

Examiner:  Save the minutes, save the world title  |  Herald:  Celtics are scary good  |  Rondo has option to stick around  |  KG turns back his clock  |  Baby looks to future  |  Globe:  Bullies  |  Rose feels right at home  |  Rondo deal extended  |  Souza:  Easy night at the Garden  |  Camerato:  a look at all the guys drafted before Rondo  |  T&G:  Scary Celtics zap Bulls  |  Rondo makes his point  |  Chicago Tribune:  Perfect night, until tip-off  |  Marbury inactive  |  Granger gets 5-year deal  |  Brand nets double-double in win


6 Responses

  1. Tommy and Mike discussed this last night during the game. Heinsohn said Rondo needs to learn how to fall, how to keep his legs under him. I don’t think he’s been the victm of some overly hard fouls.

  2. yes, agree 100%. in the cavs game he went down hard a few times, and as much as i love it when he’s aggressive, he really needs to avoid smashing into the hardwood so much. as bigmck points out, it’s not all due to other players putting hard hits on him, either. he’s a small guy, he’s light, and he’s lanky. it looks to me like he has a tendency to bounce off bigger players, and he has a bit of awkwardness while in the air, so he seems to get thrown off balance easily. i hope he can learn to fall better, and get in better control, and that it’s not just inherent to the who he is. if so, he’s not going to last very long, no matter how tough.

  3. As much as I don’t like seeing The Franchise hit the deck as hard and as often as he does, I take solace in the fact that Allen Iverson (who’s actually smaller than Rajon) has done it for 13 solid years and seldom misses a game.

  4. It is certainly a problem. I noticed it more on opening night than last night.

    But I agree with Chuck and Tommy, its nobody’s fault but Rondo’s. He needs to LEARN how to fall.

  5. There was one play last night where he took it to the hole and didn’t get any contact, but his legs were still horizontal and he hit the floor. He’s jumping horizontally through the air instead of jumping up toward the basket. Other than the McDyess foul last year, I think Rondo’s doing it to himself.

  6. I agree with your assesment, im not sure what exactly can be done.
    on the stephan A smith interview i think that either ESPN or any media should interview the other members of the team to get their take on how things are and they are connected, id like to see n hear their views. Dont get me wrong i love the big 3 and everything they stand for but id be interesting to see how they connect and are such an amazing group :)

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