Let’s blame this ass-whooping on the fact the Celtics didn’t check-in to their hotel until 4:15am. They sure played like a team half-asleep.

 Box Score | Recap

Hot cheerleader pic after the jump….


13 Responses

  1. Ha ha haha hah aha ha. you lost to the fucken pacers. yeah, you guys are real good. ha ha ha

  2. Guess we’re not goin undefeated

  3. Yup…we lost to the Pacers, no chance at repeating now. Excellent insight LaNative.

  4. Fuck Josh McRoberts

  5. damn those celtics go spanked come on man champs don’t lost to pacers. Lakers are looking good right now. Spank portland and clippers. And now won a close game against the nuggets. Will see you in the Finals if you get there

  6. Do they not speak English in LA?

  7. damn those celtics go spanked come on man champs

    yeah, you can stop there. last word = champs.


  8. and it will be your last for the next 22 years again

  9. Lakers fans and maturity obviously does not exsist. Give me a call when the Lakers go 82-0. They won’t be. No championship for them either.

  10. Hey FUCKTHEGREEN, when LA loses that once in a season game to a shitty team, take a moment, stare at a mirror, and just start talking shit to yourself (I mean, it’s only right, since you have the balls to come here and say it to us under the circumstances, but didn’t when we were KICKING YOUR ASS in the playoffs). Oh this IS fun.

  11. Very simple message to you Lakers fans:


  12. Poor Lakers fans I see the beatdown the green put on their team in game 6 didn’t teach them anything. It doesn’t matter how great you are during the regular season or how fast you streak through the WC playoffs. All that matters is who wins the championship. Matter of fact its worst to have that amazing season and get blown out in the finals.

  13. Yeah why don’t you make it out of the western finals first before worrying about how the Celts are doing?

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