Iverson Is A Piston

It’s a done deal, Allen Iverson has been traded to the Pistons

The Pistons and the Denver Nuggets have finalized a trade that sends guard Allen Iverson to Detroit in exchange for Pistons mainstays Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess.

Young center Cheikh Samb, selected by the Los Angeles Lakersfor the Pistons with the 51st overall pick in the 2006 draft, will also be going to Denver in the deal, reports ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher.

So the Pistons will feature Allen Iverson, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace and, apparently, Amir Johnson.  Iverson is obviously a more explosive scoring threat than Billups, but I don’t know how he really fits.  I think he’s just going to dominate the ball… and the Pistons are a team that doesn’t need anyone dominating the ball.   They’ve always had a pretty even distribution of touches.  I think this throws the whole thing off. 

The Pistons will still be good, because Iverson is still pretty good.  But I’m nowhere near sold on him being, pardon the expression, the answer to Detroit’s problems.  I don’t see this move making Detroit any bigger threat to the Celtics.

— update:  I posted one of these links in the comments… but I’m going to add it, and one other, here.  Kelly Dwyer on Ball Don’t Lie… and Henry Abbot on TrueHoop completely nail the genius of this trade.  Abbot really sums it up:

Down, the road the Pistons becomes the driving force of big-time free agency as soon as Iverson’s contract comes off the books next summer. The Pistons will combine a winning environment, one of the most respected general managers in the game, and — depending on salary cap levels that are yet to be set, and extensions that may yet be given to existing Pistons — likely enough cap space to sign two free agent players to max contracts over the next summers of 2009 and 2010.

The two that jump out to me are, of course, Chris Bosh and LeBron James. They played together nicely on Team USA, and now Dumars can at least entertain the notion of signing not one of those two, but both.


So while they both agree with my point that the Pistons might not be the same team this year… it’s clearly not about this year.  It might not be about next year, either.  So C’s fans… let’s enjoy our ride now.  The Pistons are clearly positioning themselves for a post-Celtics world in the Eastern Conference.


15 Responses

  1. Don’t forget about Rodney Stuckey. I’ve liked everything i’ve seen so far from him and will grow more as a player this season.

  2. Stuckey is good… but he’s a reserve. He won’t be there in crunch time. Iverson is still going to get a bulk of the minutes.

    But you bring up another point: How will Iverson deal with a duel role? When Stuckey’s in the game, AI is a 2. But AI is a pg on the starters.

  3. Of course, Kelly Dwyer runs down why this trade makes sense for Detroit… and it’s one hell of an argument.</

    Basically, Detroit is about to open up a ton of cap room this offseason. Never thought of it that way. Guess that’s why he’s Kelly Dwyer and I’m on my 5th martini of the afternoon.

  4. Only time will tell who got the better end of the deal. However, I will start watching the Pistons a lot more now that they got a player like Iverson.

  5. Only time will tell who got the better end of the deal. However, the Pistons now have become a much more exciting team to watch regardless of who they play.

  6. Nuggets are expected to buyout Mcdyess’s contract making him a free agent, see us picking him up anyone?? Wouldn’t be a bad move

    Detroit made a great move, they clearly weren’t winning it all this year with the same team, so get the fans interested with a superstar like AI for the season then that $21mil is coming off the books at the end of the season so no real concern for Detroit if it doesn’t work out.

  7. “Basically, Detroit is about to open up a ton of cap room this offseason. Never thought of it that way. Guess that’s why he’s Kelly Dwyer and I’m on my 5th martini of the afternoon.”

    You would have if you read my comment in your first post about this trade…I mentioned the contract.

  8. This move will put the pistons ahead of the celtics. Mark my words.

  9. I think this helps the Celtics. Iverson is not a defensive player and he’s coming to Detroit? And will he mesh with Sheed’s attitude and RIP getting his shots? Definitely a downgrade at pointguard from Billups. They are going to have to rely heavy on Stuckey and Maxiel this year.

    This puts a damper on a Rondo All-Star appearance this year, AI gets alot of votes.

  10. Just to play devil’s advocate …
    In the playoffs last year didn’t we all think that one of their weakness what that they didnt have a dynamic scorer for clutch time?

    Yes, Chauncey was “mr big shot”, but those big shots were normally Posey-like timely/dagger 3’s; Chauncey wasn’t a “takeover” player. Rip Hamilton also isnt a takeover guy…he gets his points very quietly and in rhythm moving without the ball. Likewise Sheed needs to get the ball in the post or be left alone behind the arc. From an offensive standpoint doesn’t Iverson give them the Mr.X they’ve been looking for? the Pistons have been a team with the high scorer averaging around 17.0 ppg, i think this gives potentially gives them their “lights out” guy ….ala paul pierce…their Mr. “game over”


  11. Oh Chuck… I never read what you write

  12. Doesn’t Lebron want to be the center of attention in New York?

  13. The folks at Nike want him to be. The NBA might, too. This way they’d have their 2 biggest stars (Kobe, LeBron) in the 2 biggest markets.

  14. Yeah I agree, the Celtics are superior right now. It will strengthen Detroit but I don’t think it will take the Celts down.

  15. I don’t understand this trade at all.

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