Paul Piece Wants To Leave A Legacy

I really dig that outfit Pierce is rocking on the new Boston Common magazine.  Seriously.  That’s a sharp look.  I’m going to start putting my money aside so I can buy that in 2 years.  I wonder if the Truth’s tailor has a layaway plan.

I’m also digging Paul’s retirement plan… which he spells out to the Herald

As for Pierce’s retirement plan, he sees himself staying in Boston. “My life is Boston. I feel like I might open up some restaurants, maybe a sports bar or a car dealership. None of the other greats have done that. They won here,” but none left a legacy, he said.

Now THAT is a commitment to the city.   Paul is showing some amazing maturity.  That should not be overlooked. 

Paul Pierce can learn a thing or two from Magic Johnson.  He not only became a mogul after playing hoops, he did it in a way that boosted the black community.  Paul Pierce’s money and star power could create jobs and reinvigorate some communities that have fallen on hard times.  This should earn Paul a lot of respect.

His business ventures, however, might not start until he comes back from finishing his career in Greece. 

Herald:  Freebies quite costly  |  Hearing Garnett’s footsteps  |  Globe:  Pierce adds soccer to workout regimen  |  Houston Chronicle:  Rockets look to mirror Celtics success

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4 Responses

  1. Thats a good point – how come I’ve never been to Larry Bird’s Sports Bar or Jim Rice’s Steakhouse? All we get is Jerry Remy’s Sausage Shack on Lansdowne.

  2. what about VIN Baker place

  3. Now that’s cold.

  4. Restaurants and sports bars are nice, but if he really wants to leave a legacy and make an impression on the city, he should start a basketball camp for kids, or something more community-centric. THAT would be the way to leave a legacy.

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