Pistons & Nuggets Close To Iverson/Billups Swap

That’s the rumor right now.

A potential blockbuster is in the works in the NBA as the Detroit Pistons are reportedly close to acquiring guard Allen Iverson from the Denver Nuggets in exchange for guard Chauncey Billups and forward Antonio McDyess.

ESPN is reporting that the deal is in the final stages that would send the nine-time All-Star to Detroit. 

Iverson is in the final year of a contract that pays him $21.9 million this season while Billups is signed through 2011 and is currently earning $11 million.  McDyess is making $6.9 million this season and has one more year remaining on his contract.

Call me crazy… but I don’t like this deal for Detroit.  Billups has been their rock.  I would have traded Hamilton in this deal, but not Billups.  Of course, the deal isn’t done yet.


11 Responses

  1. Dude your link is bad. Who are you citing?

  2. sorry.. it’s fixed. TSN is the link

  3. Detroit is going nowhere with Billups…why not shake up the team….and if they implode…Iverson is gone next year…so they will have the money to get someone else.

  4. I think they are relying/hoping that Stuckey is the real deal this year.

  5. Like this deal for both teams, AI coming off the books and giving room for Stuckley next year and Denver getting defense with Billups (returning home) and McDyess.

    how about Granger? dude can play.

  6. Terrible deal for detrioit, its one thing billups for ivo, which i think is a solid trade for both teams. But to lose Mcdysse as well is gonna hurt. Last year in the ECF, it seemed to me like the only guy who really wanted it last year was Mcdysse. Anyway, i think detroit will suck if they make that deal, but denver will be a lot better. If they would have singed Camby, traded ivo, they could be looking at a starting five of

    Jr Smith

    that a great offensive and defensive team, but once you substitute camby with Nene, it doesn’t look as great/

  7. it’s a done deal

  8. This is a bad move for both teams, I think.

    Iverson was Denver’s primary scorer. Billups won’t be.

    Billups was Detroit’s anchor and a defensive specialist. Iverson will be neither.

    This is as bad as the old and busted Shaq to Phoenix for Shawn Marion and a bag of peanuts to Miami.

  9. Watch out for Denver coming out of the west this year.

  10. AI can still play. Maxiell will fill in for McDyess.
    From c’s standpoint, not worried as Rondo can matches up better with AI than Billups.

  11. I agree, Rondo Matches up better with AI, and Denver will still be an 8th seed if Lucky in the west.

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