Houston – Not a Problem

Cue the excuses. No Shane Battier. Tracy McGrady has a bum knee. Expect to hear those and more from Rockets fans looking for a reason as to why the Celtics beat them at home. Ray Allen (29 pts, 5 reb, 5 assts) absolutely abused McGrady all night long. Donny Marshall was kind enough to point out T-Choke’s lack of defensive effort roughly 174 times. Kendrick Perkins (15 pts, 7 reb, 4 blks) completely outplayed Yao Ming. My favorite play coming when Perk swatted a Yao turnaround jumper in the 4th.

Celtics 103 – Rockets 99  Box Score | Recap

Other observations:

What a see-saw first half. Celtics used 13-2 run to take 16-point lead….Rockets 25-4 run in 2nd quarter to surge ahead…Celtics followed with 11-1 run to end first half.

Big Baby (9 pts, 2 reb) played with great energy in the first half.

Referee Scott Foster blew several calls. He fell for McGrady’s acting job on a 3-point shot late in the fourth which could have hurt the C’s had McChoke not missed one of the freebies.

A special thanks to Rafer Alston who yapped his way to a technical foul in the 4th…giving the C’s a point in a close game.

Not sure who I dislike more…Andersen Varajaeo or Luis Scola. Both annoy the shit out of me.

POB was inactive for the game – Bill Walker took his spot but did not see the court.

Most embarassing moment – The 7-foot-5 Yao Ming – all alone – getting rejected by the rim in the 3rd quarter.

A look at KG’s “Obama” sneakers after the jump….but you’ll notice Steve Francis did him one better.


16 Responses

  1. Celtics win! Obama wins!
    A great night for America.

  2. i thought there “big 3” was supposed to demolish ours… hhahah good one. obamas a stud. celts are the shit.

  3. I am sure laker’s fans wrote in Bynum for President instead of one of the two candidates.

    He is their Messiah and they cannot win without him. I am sure Kobe is wondering how he got demoted from that “deityness”. No wonder he wanted B traded haha

  4. “Celtics win! Obama wins!
    A great night for America.”

    Haha I’ll drink to that

  5. I don’t think the Rockets can ever use Tmac as being injured as an excuse. It would be alot easier to count how many games he is healthy.

  6. Scola annoys the hell out of me too, but at least he is a pretty good player in the process. Varejao is a danger to anyone and everyone on the court.

    Man, the Rockets are so much more hateable with Artest now. Alston was always a punk and Scola was always annoying but now they are just detestable. “Beat the other guy up” just isn’t a real strategy for improvement (well, unless Scott Foster is reffing apparently).

  7. Varejao has to be much more annoying than scola. I hate them both but varejao just makes me want to hit him. Scola atleast has some talent and deserves the money he makes.

    So the rockets does not seem that threatening as the media has made them seem to be. We lost a big lead but oh well we cam out with a win. I so agree with you “no excuses”.

    Tracy has no defense and I never realized it until tonight. Yao Ming is just pathetic. He is damn there a fucking giant and he misses a dunk. I think you jinxed him with the video you posted earlier lol I think yao does “wish he was a little bit taller”

    Anyways a good win for us after our sloppy play against indy. We will see atleast a week or so of games in which our big three will get big minuets until we get comfortable and we will get to see walker and pruitt try and make a mark and get some minuets.

    I love the spark Big Baby comes with off the bench its awesome. I would also like to point out rondo played a quietly awesome game with 10 pts 7 reb 7 ast with only 2 turnovers so much credit due to my boy.

    By the way great website felllas keep up the great work/

  8. it seems like artest is not giving the celtics any credit whatsoever for the win. this is what he said:

    “We did not play well at all,” said Artest, who missed 13 of 16 shots and scored 15 points by sinking six free throws. “Usually you can say you’ve got to give them credit. But there were things that we could’ve done better to pull out the victory.”

    so there you go, he isn’t willing to concede any credit to the celtics.

  9. Good point Froggy….Rondo played a good game. Can’t believe I forgot to praise him in the postgame wrap.

  10. The player of the game was Perk with out a doubt! Yes I’m a little bias, but did you see those jumpers he was hitting. If he could get players to respect that shot all year this team will be that much better!

  11. Man does Donny Marshall hate TMAC, wouldn’t stop killing him throughout the game. Did TMAC steal his girl or something. It was over the top.

    Great win. Needed that one.

  12. Someone needs to make a short video of ALL those EASY shots Yao missed. Oh my god that was AMAZING ahahhaha…

  13. i still cant get over the fact that the media is giving every team a big fucking 3 now. i guess everyone just wants to be us now. its a great feeling. rondo is really going to have a great year this year. hes a joy to watch. leon powe, big baby and TA are going to be a lot of fun watching mature into solid players as well.. i look forward to a lot more fun this year watching the celts against hightened competition in the east

  14. donny marshall sucks as an announcer. no one ever said tmac was a great defensive player and just about every trip he went out of his way to criticize how overrated tmac was at defense. also he criticized adelman for not fouling at the end of the game down four with 40 seconds left. it was the right move and if tmac didnt choke they could have had a legit shot at the tie. i hope comcast or whoever is in charge realizes he is miserable to listen and gets someone else for the away games. but they probably wont because they are the same ass holes who wouldnt give cousy his job this year. you can definitely tell gorman hates marshall to just by how awkward they are together, bottom line im gonna mute the game tonight cause i hate marshall.

  15. I would have loved to hear Donny Marshall suck at announcing. I was stuck watching the game on NBA TV. Man the production value on that channel is HORRIBLE. The Pre-Game, halftime, and post-game stuff was just unwatchable. Gary Payton stated more than a few times how he doesn’t like Rondo. Probably because he thinks he took a slot he could have had last year or something. They kept putting up the wrong score. They can’t show any of the FSN Houston graphics, so Clyde Drexler would be talking about something and you would be lost. If the NBA is going to be having something called “Fan Night” on the channel they own, you think they could spring for a little better production value.

  16. Can the Philippines Naturalize Kendrick Perkins?
    We need someone who can bitchslap the hell out of yao ming next fiba asia.

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