OKC – You Have My Sympathy

Do the OKC Thunder remind you of another team? How about the 2005 Celtics? They are loaded with young players. And as we all know, unless some veterans are added, it’s going to take 3-4 years before this team is significant.

The Celtics started slow tonight, falling behind by 8 (29-21) after the 1st quarter but this really was a cakewalk. The Celtics surged ahead in the 2nd thanks to the energetic second unit and never looked back.

Paul Pierce – 20 pts, 9 reb, 5 assts | Ray Allen – 18 pts, 9 reb

Celtics 96 OKC 83   Box Score | Recap

Other observations:

Here’s a great example of how much young players have to learn…Big Baby in his attempt to get a call…let out a scream…before he was hit by the defender.

Tony Allen made a great defensive play in the 2Q…tying up Kyle Weaver in the midst of a fast break and forcing a jump ball – which he won.

Tough night for Nick Collison. In the first half, Paul Pierce tripped him up with a head/shoulder fake – crossover move. In the 3rd quarter, he fell for Rondo’s patented behind-the-back ball fake. And in the 4th, he was posterized on a Ray Allen dunk.

I was more impressed with Jeff Green than Kevin Durant…at least for this game.

There were a couple of Issues with the Ford Center. One net had to be replaced during warm-ups, delaying tip-off by 5 minutes. Condensation from the ice (they play hockey in Oklahoma? I assumed it was dirt for the rodeo or monster truck pull) under the floor created slippery conditions under the baskets which kept the ball boys busy.

The crowd was very enthusiastic, almost collegiate-like. There were loud cheers after Celtics misses, over-cheering on routine baskets but if I lived in Oklahoma, I’d be starving for excitement too.


3 Responses

  1. Paulie was holding his hand after the game while Dickerson interviewed him. Said he sprained it last night in Houston. Not what you want to hear, but it does help explain the crappy shooting. Good game otherwise; Paul should be all-defense this year if he keeps it up.

  2. even though we started off slow I say celtics played great “TEAM BALL” Our starting 5 dominated and shared the ball to an extent far greater than the pistons that won the title a few years back. Our bench was exceptional. Leon Powe is just a beast off the bench. Eddie House is still having a tough time shooting but he will over come it all. Okc does have some hope for the future they are young talented. Jeff green looks pretty solid and durant seems to be very promising. Celtics looked horrible today on the Boards so i think we need to fix that. All in all the “TEAM” played awesome and shared the ball. OH and by the way Lakers are 4-0 lets see the media make the big deal about this. I WANT TO REMIND LAKER FANS THAT THEY HAVE ONLY PLAYED BLAZERS, CLIPPERS TWICE AND DENVER. PORTLAND AND CLIPPERS DIDNT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR AND DENVER IS WELL UM DENVER YOU KNOW LOL. SO DONT BE SO JUDGMENTAL AND WAIT TILL THEY START PLAYING SOME POWER HOUSES.


  3. This is not a team that will do better. Bennett is a liar. This team stinks and will never get better. As long as Clay is pulling the strings, say hello to last place.

    I can’t believe the NBA let another Donald Sterling in the owners club. Durant will be here for three more years tops. Then after three stinko years Clay will start trying to milk us for tax dollars. What a crummy deal. If Clay was going to steal a team at least he could have gone for the Hornets. THis team won’t make the playoffs until they expand to 30 teams who make it. Ick.

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