I Got Nothing

I’ve looked everywhere… even in that secret drawer where Chuck stashes the Victoria’s Secret catalogues… and I can’t find a damn story line that’s worth a crap today.  The Celtics did the expected last night… no one played too many minutes… and I don’t really won’t care about the Bucks until tomorrow.

I did find this, though.  It’s a pretty cool shirt. 

Good luck trying to buy it.  The people who make it, Bodega, do it out of some back alley near the Berkley School of Music or something… and clicking the link will only get you to a page that makes you sign up for a mailing list.  Guess if you really want it… you’ll jump through hoops.

So that’s that.  And I know I’m not alone.  The best the Herald can do is Ray Allen feeling weird about facing his old team in a new city.  The Globe has buried in its notes (that starts with what he had yesterday about the C’s and Obama) that the C’s are one of, oh, every NBA team looking to add Antonio McDyess

What an eff’ed up situation that is for Denver.  They have to pay a guy to go away so another team can sign him and maybe win with him.  They can’t deal him because he makes too much… and keeping him makes no sense.  That’s just dumb.

Herald:  Celtics get their back up   |  Globe:  C’s make some noise  |  Tony Parker scores 55 Amare Stoudemire drops 49  |  41 for Lebron  |  Hollinger breaks down big scoring night


11 Responses

  1. Ive been to Bodega…it is the coolest store ive ever been to. It has a door disguised as a soda machine with a motion sensor and the store itself is so nice

  2. haha yeah I just was going to leave the same comment, the place is disguised as a soda machine, sell nice shoes and all that. I like the shirt too!

  3. They must have an “under 30” rule.

    Is it seriously disguised as a soda machine? Where the hell is it?

  4. Say it with me now, “Bo-De-Ga’s…”

  5. Did I get the name wrong?

  6. Hey! Blackass!

  7. ha, no Red. Half Baked movie reference. It’s the name of the store front where they get their greens…PxFunk got it…

  8. ya its in a ghetto convenience store that sells soda, magazines , candy, suirtguns, etc. I walked in and was like this is the fakest looking store ive ever seen…then my friend nodded at the 2 guys sitting at the desk and they nodded us towards the soda machine…it slid open and we walked in. It had nice wooden floors, shoes and watches in glass cases, a bunch of sick t-shirts. It looked like a really high class store for ballers

  9. It’s BERKLEE COLLEGE of Music. Butchering my alma-madder! I want that shirt.

  10. It’s alma MATER.

    See… two can play at that game.

  11. Keep talking you celtics fans. Come Christmas, we’ll show you what a sh**ty team you are.

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