Got in after a crazy night out (Madagascar 2), flipped on the TV and watched one beauty of a 2nd quarter. Rondo was dishing (8 assists), KG was dunking (18 pts, 7-13 FG) and Perk was swatting (career-high 7 blocks). The Celtics were putting on a clinic. The C’s had their lulls tonight (1st & 3rd quarters) but it’s an understatement to say I enjoy watching this team perform on all cylinders.

The defense was awesome – 13 steals, 11 blocks, 21 TOs, 39% FG

Offensively, the C’s had 28 assists, were running and saw 44 points from the bench.

Celtics 101 Bucks 89 – Box Score | Recap

Anyone who knows John knows he’s a student of the game. With that in mind, I’d like to pass along some of his insight (posted on our Twitter page) from tonight’s game:

  • They just booted a guy wearing a a Kobe shirt. Being a d-bag is not allowed at the garden.
  • Pierce’s fiance just walked past me. KG’s wife was there too. HOT.
  • Celtics dancers just rocked us….

Quote of the night: “God damn, I didn’t even know he had 7 blocks. He’s active…” -KG on Perk

More pics from game…after the jump.


2 Responses

  1. If these lackadaisical first quarters keep up, I might start calling the bench unit the “Chum Squad”. They get that blood in the water and then the sharks come from out of nowhere (ie. that recently disinterested 1st unit–I mean how about KG spazzing out after that putback! I was worried he was going to pull an ab muscle again (knock on wood) his whole body was so tense).

  2. […] rebound to coast by Bucks Celtics 24/7    C’s win 3rd straight   Red’s Army    Ho  hum McDyess, Marbury or neither?   Worcester Telegram     Bench provides needed lift for C’s […]

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