McDyess, Marbury or Neither?

There continues to be an awful lot of chatter about the Celtics reaching out and acquiring Antonio McDyess and (god forbid) Stephon Marbury.

Putting a Celtics uniform on Starbury doesn’t make sense to anyone except the out-of-touch Charlie Pierce who apparently has taken a liking to the crazed point guard because of his cheap sneakers and jackets.

Personally, and as a gesture of gratitude for the cheap shoes, I think your defending world champions should take a look at him. He’s still a healthy veteran point guard, and the team has yet to produce a backup for Rajon Rondo, who will become a star if they can somehow keep him intact.

Here’s what a lot of people still don’t get: the Celtics don’t need a backup point guard. Eddie House works. Having the 2nd unit offense run through Paul Pierce or Ray Allen works. What doesn’t work is a crazed, tattoo-on-the-head, me first guy named Stephon Marbury.

McDyess intrigues me. His performance against the Celtics in the ECF is reason enough to bring him here. But do we really need another perimeter-playing big man? And while PJ Brown was happy with a reduced role, with McDyess be happy playing 15 minutes a night? And is there room on the roster? Who will be cut? Patrick O’Bryant? Does Big Baby get traded?

Verdict: If you can get McDyess for the $2.392 million midlevel exception…then do it. Maybe Danny will finally smarten up and cut Scalabrine to make room.

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10 Responses

  1. Damn…Marbury’s dome would never fit through the garden doors. This is similar to the Ron Artest talks…F**K them both

  2. Damn, Marbury’s dome would never fit through the garden doors. These rumors remind me of when Artest was on the market…F**K them both!

  3. If they pick up Marbury, I might consider giving up my season tickets.

  4. To be honest, I have on idea who Charlie Pierce is….but everyday I find myself reading things on and other places and asking myself “how did this person become a sports journalist?”

    I’m a college kid and I consider myself to be smarter than about sports than half the writers out there. Bring Starbury to the Celtics? I really don’t see how that’s a good idea at all. A shoot-first point guard with an attitude problem….right, that’s what the Celtics need…

  5. Sam Cassell is on the roster still. They could cut him to make room for McDyess. Sam’s essentially just a coach right now anyway.

  6. Exactly what part of Pruitt’s preseason suggested he is not able to come in as a more than adequate back up point guard?

  7. Marbury is everything that is wrong with the NBA. Would be be a cancer and tarnish this team’s image

  8. I’m happy with the Celtics’ backup point guards … plus I think the team desperately needs Eddie House’s shooting. He’s the only quality jump shooter in the rotation outside of the Big Three right now. Marbury is a solid shooter but nowhere near the class of House.

    McDyess is a quality player. Not sure how much of an upgrade he is though. He’d bring a lot of offense … but I thought he struggled against opposing centers last season, that’ll limit how effective he is playing alongside Powe. Still I’d sign him in a heartbeat, he’s clearly still a quality player.

  9. […] was clearly on his way out of New York.  In November, his name was first floated out there… a notion Chuck dismissed with this: Here’s what a lot of people still don’t get: the Celtics don’t need a backup point guard. […]

  10. McDyess is a beast and a player everyone in Detroit loves, because he plays with passion. I would love him to retire as a Piston, but nobody would blame him if he leaves Detroit one day – it is sad to see him play with energy while the rest of the team looks tired and disinterested.

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