Ray Allen is NOT a Captain

Here’s the official word from the Celtics media relations team:

Hi Chuck,

To our knowledge right now, Paul remains the sole captain of the team.



As for the web page in question, Brian says:

It’s actually a typo, the only two pages on our site that we do not control are the roster and stats pages which are controlled by the NBA….we have alerted them to the typo and hopefully it will be corrected soon.

While that sucks for Ray, I am thrilled that the Celtics actually answered my email and acknowledged the existence of Red’s Army!!!!!


6 Responses

  1. they need to fix their web site then

  2. I sent them a link to the page asking them to explain it.

  3. So this is what the Suffolk marketing students came up with?

  4. That is pretty sick that they answered you. Y’all are big time now!

  5. Hey ATR, they generated a buzz!

  6. ROCKETS 4 LIFE CELTICS GOT LUCK, but that’s a different story, the reason they know your existence is because you told them of your site

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