MVB: Most Valuable Bench

Associate Press Photo

Associate Press Photo

When is the last time you heard someone talking about James Posey around here? 

I haven’t heard it since the preseason, when the loss of PoZ was supposed to signal the demise of the defending champs.  But no one is talking much about him because our bench has been awesome.  And it’s not just one guy pitching in.  It’s all of them.  Anyone who comes in is contributing.  Even last night when Tony Allen picked up Paul Pierce’s slack… it was Eddie House who provided a spark in the first quarter by nailing a 3, setting up another, and drawing Allen Iverson’s second foul. 

So while our starting five is full of MVP’s… you can call our second unit the MVB.

Think of the Celtics like that cop-thing from Terminator 2.  Every time part of it goes away, the rest of it melts together to fill the gap.  Paul Pierce hit the bench in the first quarter with three fouls, and Tony Allen checked in with 23 points on 11-16 shooting.  The starters struggle with their jumpers, and House comes in with instant offense.  Detroit was hitting the boards early, and Leon Powe comes in to keep them at bay. 

I don’t know if “MVB” is it, but we need to come up with a nickname for our second unit.  I’ve seen a couple floating around in our comments… so let’s throw a few together and see what we can get.  Maybe we’ll make a T-shirt out of it.

Take a few minutes today to cruise through the latest Carnival of the NBA.  You’ve got a few dozen links to some great blogs out there. 

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5 Responses

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  2. Keep it real and call it the Green Team.

  3. the secret service; they get the job done and nobody recognizes that their even there

  4. Two very good options.

  5. Silent Assasins :)

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