Shaq Is Twittering… Maybe

Shaquille O’Neal is on Twitter.  I don’t know what can possibly be said about that other than you’re insane if you’re not following him (providing, of course, that it’s really him).  Not doing so could cost you such gems as…

Guys know if they need an instant bucket, they can come to me. As the son of Jor-El, it’s in my nature to help others and save the universe


Our offense is like the Pythagorean Theorem. There is no answer

Actually… there is an answer.  I learned it in high school.  It’s… ahhh… never mind. 

On the plane back to #PHX, another Suns W. Bogut is Erika Dampier with a beard

Hah.. 2 for 1 shot there.  Double Twitter Diss… that’s worth double points!

Of course… it wouldn’t be Shaq if there wasn’t a marketing twist

After two days off I feel fresh. Thanks to the upper management and their decision. Thanks to Vitamin Water for sponsoring Shaq tweets

Ok.. it’s possible this might be fake.  But I think its funny anyway. 


5 Responses

  1. “Andrew Bynum’s knee is like Erika Dampier..fragile”

    The big cactus really hates LA

  2. Yea saw that one too haha.

  3. there is no way this is Shaq…….

    “@jbsmith86 smart young fella…Pepsi owns Vitamin Water, contract says Shaq-quote-tus tweets Vitamin Water this season”

    COKE owns vitamin water, not pepsi….

  4. Shaq is the man, the guy is made for the spotlight. I would LOVE to see the suns do it big in the playoffs this year, only to lose to the Celtics in the Finals! haha

  5. I work for a Sports Marketing/PR company based in Charlotte, NC. We have partnered with Shaq to build his social media program in an effort to build out his brand even more.

    Our online media monitoring tool, Buzz Manager, picked up online conversation about a Shaq twitter feed. The “ShaquilleONeal” account isn’t actually Shaq. Since finding out that somebody is impersonating him, Shaq has taken it upon himself to create a Twitter account and become active in this online space. His Twitter name is “The_Real_Shaq.”

    Thanks for your help,

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