The Mother-Fffin Truth!!!

The Raptors dominated the Celtics tonight…for 3 quarters. Then Paul Pierce decided the Celtics were not going to lose this game. For anyone over 30-years-old, it was vintage Larry Bird. Pierce dropped 22 points in the fourth quarter as the C’s rallied for the 94-87 win.

Pierce’s line for the night: 45 minutes – 36 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists.

The Truth was sick…burying 3s, nailing turnaround jumpers, reverse layups, driving and dishing….you name it, he did it.

Box Score | Recap | 4th Quarter Play-by-Play

As for the Raptors, Jermaine O’Neal (19 first half points) pulled a fantastic disappearing act. In the final 2+ minutes, he had one shot blocked by Perk and coughed up two turnovers. Chris Bosh (9 pts, 0 in the 4th) was a non-factor.

Don’t feel bad Raptors fans, the Lakers know exactly how you feel.


18 Responses

  1. What a game!

  2. Captain Crunch-time

  3. El Capitan was sublime.

  4. If you go over to, you’ll see just how much of poor sports the Raptors fans really are.

    Blaming the refs over so many things, they seemed to forget that horrible offensive foul call on Tony Allen in crunchtime, or in my opinion, on those missed layups that Pierce had were fouls to me.

    Plus, SMitch did not do a good job in the end, I mean letting Jason Kapono constantly burned by one of the greatest offensive players in the league??? And JO completely lost it in the end.

    This was a hard earned win by the Celtics Raptors fans, and it’s hard to witness a team blow a good lead[example: 2008 Lakers and 2002 Nets]but life has to go on.

  5. I don’t know what they have to complain about. I think that was a pretty evenly called game.

    If they wanted to win, maybe they should have guarded Paul Pierce.

  6. They can’t do the impossible John. They are Raptors not magicians.

  7. I’m having a hard time remembering the bad calls that went against the Raptors. There were a few bad calls, but like the man said it was a pretty evenly called game.

  8. my first celtics game in about 6 years….amazing

  9. See that bandage on Pierce’s shooting hand after the game? It was smoking; they had to put ice on it…sorry, couldn’t help that. But he does have a sprained hand (which I’d say is clearly affecting him; I also think Rondo is hurting too, possibly his groin (which I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere reputable). Neither guy is making excuses to their credit but our two main playmakers are hurt; it might explain the inefficient offense so far).

    Anyway, Thank you, Paul!

  10. kevin ding from oc register is at it again. an article he wrote ends with the following:

    Buss would like to get back to a time when Bryant was accepting invitations to swing by Buss’ Playa del Rey home for lunch after Lakers practice in El Segundo. Buss said Sunday night he thought it could happen.

    Like the man said, that might be a few championships away. But rest assured, the championships are coming.

    rest assured, the championships (notice the s) are coming? wow, such high confidence in the lakers huh? is he a laker fan after all? it seems like the celtics would have to purchase respect. they simply can’t earn it guys.

  11. The indy blowout was a good thing. Their eyes opened and they have been as good as ever.

  12. Complaining after game like this is silly. My flatmate who is I-SEE-ONLY-LAKRES guy, send me a link on Youtube few days ago, in which kobe-fanatic shows and explains how referees won the finals for LA. Such a silly examples like paul touching kobe with one hand during drive, KG in paint for 4 seconds and nothing and other things that are allowed or missed by referees sometimes in every game, especially in finals because of intensity. Every of us can do such a compilation of Fakers not whistled violations. Hey, you ware playing with the champions right?!

  13. It was a great game.. it hurt as a Raptors fan.. but if I was just a unbiased nba fan watching that has to be game of the year so far. I didn’t see anything wrong with the refs. In fact the only time the refs didn’t do their job in this game was not calling a taunting tech on KG. That was straight ignorant. Any other player in the NBA is getting T’ed up there. Raptors played a solid 3 quarters but that wont cut it in Boston. JO ate Perkins birthday cake for 90% of the game, but I guess what matters is the win. Can’t wait for the next meeting. GO RAPS GO!!!

  14. I am very confident going into the fourth with this team, damm does that feel good.

    What’s the word on McDyess?

  15. KG in the post-game press conference was hilarious.

  16. I wish I was at this game … I can just imagine the jumbotron showing the clip from A Few Good Men … I want the truth! … YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! … with the whole place going bonkers. Man that would be sweet.

  17. Finals MVP strikes again. 2 lessons from this game: any team who saw game 4 of the finals cannot sleep on a celtics lead especially in Boston. pistons fans don’t start booing before the half you’d have lost but at least could have been cheering a comeback attempt.

  18. […] worry. When the Truth needs to take over games – he does. Just ask Cleveland, Toronto (The Mother Fffin Truth Part I), Atlanta (The Mother Fffin Truth Part II) and Milwaukee – all teams stung by his greatness this […]

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