36 Minutes Won’t Be Enough Forever

Alright Celtics… a lot of us are getting together today to send you a message:  playing 36 minutes a night has been fine so far… but it ain’t gonna work all season long.  And since I’m just some jagoff who mashes his fists into a keyboard hoping the result will be coherent, I’m going to let Scott Souza do the talking.

In six of Boston’s first eight games, including each of the last four, the Celtics have trailed after the first quarter. Somewhat stunningly, they have gone on to win seven of their eight games overall, including those last four. While the repeated second efforts are indicative of what great teams do, the trend of falling behind almost every night and finding a way to rally can only continue for so long.

If I may just sum that up:  get your asses in gear early… and maybe you can take the LAST 12 minutes of the game off… rather than the first 12.  K?

On to the business we Bostonions are really good at:  pissing everyone else off.   Every single member of the Celtics starting 5 is on the All Star Ballot.  May I humbly propose a massive effort to vote them all into the game?  Would anything be more awesome?  Get the word out.  Stuff the ballot boxes.  PerkIsABeast… get Perk into a funny YouTube campaign.  This is going to take a coordinated effort people… and Lord knows I sure as hell can’t organize it.  Last thing I tried to organize was my nephew’s 4th birthday party… anring-fingerd his mom didn’t appreciate the strippers.

While we’re at it… let’s all give Gary Payton a collective middle finger for implying that Rajon Rondo doesn’t deserve his ring.

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12 Responses

  1. “On to the business we Bostonions are really good at: pissing everyone else off. Every single member of the Celtics starting 5 is on the All Star Ballot. ”

    Hey, newsflash here.. Every single member of the Atlanta Hawks starting 5 is on the All Star Ballot as well. Not that special, Celtics.

  2. Before the Celtics – Rockets game last week Payton was talking about how much he thinks Rondo is overrated. After Rondo’s great first half he didn’t mention it at halftime. I used to respect Payton a lot, now he is just acting like a baby, probably because the Celtics didn’t sign him last season. I guess he just hates the fact that Rondo is playing damn good basketball and he has to work for NBA TV with no broadcasting skills on a NBA broadcast with worse production value than Bobcats games on the WB or MY-RDC or whatever that channel is called now. What nerve that guy has.

  3. Mike, as a life long Celtics and NBA fan, I am glad the internet has come along and allowed fans to trash talk each other in a much easier fashion, it is all in good fun, but you know what, I hate to break it to you, but like Raptors fans you really don’t have the prestige to talk trash to Celtics fans, you don’t matter to us. Lakers fans, now that is a given they are always welcome to come and trash talk with us, you might have heard, there is a little bit of history there. 76ers fans are more than welcome to as well, I long for another playoff match up with them. Pistons fans are also always welcome, as well as any team we are currently playing in the playoffs.

    You see, we have a real history of hate and even respect for these teams and the feelings are mutual. The Atlanta Hawks are so low on our totem pole, it isn’t even worth the trash talk 9 games into the season. I’m glad to see there is a renewed interest in your team, no NBA player deserves to be playing in an Arena with no fans, or fans cheering for the other team. Just remember, you don’t matter to us.

    In ten years when everyone thinks back about the first championship this group won, nobody is going to think about the Atlanta series. Possibly the Cleveland series because of the Epic Game 7, but the Pistons and Lakers series will be remembered. Why? Because those 2 teams have earned the right to be remembered, loathed, and even feared by Celtics fans.

    Come back and talk when you get to that level.

  4. Hey newsflash Mike… the part I was talking about came AFTER the part you quoted.

    Now… I know it took you the hour and a half after I posted to sound out that sentence you referenced… but please know what the fuck I’m trying to do here before you run your yap.

    Honestly… is there mercury in the drinking water in Atlanta or something? Is paste on the lunch menu? I’ve seen some dicks from other teams come around here… but wow… some of these Hawks fans are complete dolts.

    Wait…. are you Mike Bibby?

    That might explain it.

  5. Ohhh SNAP!!!!

  6. Hey, man….don’t worry about the strippers. It’s the thought that counts.

  7. Josh is right- WTF GP? Lost a lot of respect for the glove after this.

    But on to tonight’s business:

    Rondo’s better….
    Rondo’s better….

  8. i like the new name bestowed upon me “newsflash mike”… i will be using that moniker from here forward… now to the task at hand, this evenings game. I will admit (I’m a realest) that the game will be tough without Josh Smith down low against The Great Finger Wagger and Taunter of Spainards (dude, that guy acts 12 years old grow up Garnett, seriously, you represent a great historic franchise.. you guys put up with that shit?) The game will be tough, but the Celtics do not have the athleticism to beat the Hawks on a consistent basis anymore. The Celtics are the far superior team when it comes to execution and team defense. The hawks D has vastly improved this year but will not be great without Josh for the next couple weeks. So my humble prediction upon further contemplation is the Hawks MAY lose tonight, but WILL NOT LOSE THE SEASON SERIES OR A PLAYOFF SERIES AGAINST THE OLD GUYS. Just my humble opinion. Go Hawks.

  9. He’s not acting 12 years old, Mike. He’s getting into his opponents head, which is a very real advantage if done successfully (as KG always is). And yes, he’s allowed to do it because he’s a complete badass.

    Every play sports before? If KG ever did that to you on a court you’d probably sh*t yourself.

  10. “dude, that guy acts 12 years old grow up Garnett, seriously, you represent a great historic franchise.. you guys put up with that shit?”

    A great historic franchise that has a great historic history of getting in player’s heads (see Ralph Sampson), Beating up people that deserve it (see Bill Laimbeer), and taking out a player to fire up the team (see Kurt Rambis).

    Stuff like that is part of Celtics lore, and it is why we love it. Boston is a blue collar town and expects its team to play blue collar basketball.

  11. It’s a nice thought, but there is no way Perk can beat Yao. You know, I heard Yi is in the forward group–so KG might even be looking on the outs! Yi-kes…

    …LOL@GaryPayton. That’s all I can say on that…

    btw, I’d like to thank the Hawks Troll for picking a newname. Much better suited to him.

  12. Perk doesn’t have to beat out Yao… hes in the west We’re in the east.

    perks main competition would come from DHoward and Jermaine O’neal, Al Horford, Big Z maybe? I don’t know I mean I would LOVE to see the celtics starting 5 all get voted in but realistically its not going to happen. Would be real happy to see Rondo get in there though, he deserves it and fuck gary payton, the guy turned into exactly who he was hating on. He towel waaved and backed up jwilliams on the heat championship run. Rondo started and was setting finals records in assists and steals, enough said

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