The Mother-Fffin Truth, Part II

Nothin’ like a Paul Pierce 20-foot jumper with .5 seconds left to beat the Hawks.

This game was so intense, it could’ve been Game 8 of last year’s playoff series. The Hawks three-point shooting (13-22) was absolutely a killer tonight. Maurice Evans (who?) and Marvin Williams shot a combined 7-9 from three…and both hit huge shots in the 4th. But the Celtics won because of Paul Pierce (45 min, 34 pts, 6 reb) and Kevin Garnett (25 pts, 12 rebounds).

This game was tied at 88 in the fourth when KG took over. (Here’s my first official Doc Rivers’ criticism of the year: Keeping Garnett on the bench until the 4:56 mark in the final quarter was a mistake). Upon entering the game, KG drained an 18-footer, got the ensuing defensive rebound, kept the ball alive after Pierce missed a jumper, pumped up the crowd and then caught a lob and layed it in. What a freakin’ sequence!!

Can’t take anything away from Superman though. Pierce was huge in the final 90 seconds. He scored on a 3-point play (driving layup and foul), made two free throws, and then hit the game-winner.

The refs were pretty bad tonight. It’s tough to bitch when they call 33 fouls on Atlanta, but Mike Bibby literally kicked Rondo in the nuts as he followed-thru on a jumper….and got the foul call because of the contact. And I won’t mention the whistle that put Joe Johnson on the free throw line with 1 minute to go despite the fact that Pierce blocked his shot clean.

Box Score | Recap

“Get the ball to Paul Pierce, get the hell out the way, Superman is in the booth” – KG


28 Responses

  1. That’s a newshflash for ya!

  2. What a game! Pierce is the man!

  3. heihnson was on top of his game tonite

  4. Oh yeah… Tommy was on fire. Hard to tell if Tommy or Pierce was more on fire, really.

    Paul Pierce is going to be a player in the MVP voting this year. He might not win it… but he’ll get plenty of votes.

  5. Was that dirty ref working the game tonite?
    They were fuckin’ aweful
    peirce should not have had to make that shot – there were at least 3 bullshit calls in the last 90 seconds to 1 of the atlanta pigions on the line.

    when you got the big three it’s never over because you don’t know who’s going to hit you over the head”
    Kendrick Perkins – Post Game Commets 11/12/08

    BEST QUOTE EVER!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think the Truth has officially taking the lead on the team. He has set himself apart as the captain, something I don’t really think was done last year. He is back to the paul of old going crazy clutch!!!

  7. double P… agreed. I think he did that in game 7 of the Cleveland series last year. Once he went toe-to-toe with LeBron and won… he became the alpha dog.

  8. paul pierce is just unreal man you never can count the celtics out seeing the hawks celebrating in the last seconds reminded me of the bobcats last year and we all know how that ended

  9. “seeing the hawks celebrating in the last seconds reminded me of the bobcats last year and we all know how that ended”

    Yes, I was at that game with my dad. I was standing in the aisle when House tipped the ball and screamed “Ray Allen” and pretty sure I had a mild heart attack. This guy that was sitting in front of me, was yelling that Ray Allen wasn’t Jesus, after he hit that shot, I told him “I guess he is Jesus isn’t he.

    I’ll be at the game in Charlotte on the 29th, 3rd row behind the C’s Bench, I’ll bring a Red’s Army sign or something.

  10. Um yea I nearly fell over the edge of the balcony when Pierce hit that shot. LOVED how the Hawks were celebrating after that three and then got trounced. So where is that racist Hawks fan anyway?????

  11. Matty S – Your namesake is pausing every shot of the crowd on his TiVoed game trying to count minority Celtics fans at the game.

  12. was there ever any doubt in anyones mind that Pierce was making that shot?

    Even Joe Johnson was sure that was going in,

    lets face it he wanted no part of guarding pierce and having the game winner being made right in his eye,

    he was looking for any excuse to switch off the captain, i bet al was pissed for leaving him to dry like that

  13. agree papa irish. Johnson made no attempt to get under or over that screen. Think keeping KG on bench led to that sequence. he was well rested. This is going to be a fun series going forward. Need some more from Tony Allen, WTF was with that running finger roll. you are no iceman TA.

  14. I don’t know what is going on with TA, he impressed the hell out of me early on, especially in Detroit, then what, back to back 0 point games? And he has missed so many lay ups since Detroit.

  15. It’s great to back. I just moved, so I haven’t had TV access (and I live in Jersey, so I have the NBA package on Direct TV to watch the C’s) but I got my internet going yesterday and was able to watch this, my first game of the season. What a great game.

  16. Damn I can still hear the MVP chants in my head from last night. What a game I thought opening night was the best game I was going to be at since Game 6 but last night is now second on my list right behind the finals game. I think Pierce may finally start to get the recognition he deserves. You gotta give credit to ATL as much as I fucking hate them but lets see where they are when they come back to the jungle April 3rd.

  17. Before we crucify TA we should count the number of drives that Rajon and Paul don’t finish. It’s hard to convert when 3 or 4 dudes converge on you and the refs refuse to call fouls. But all three should keep taking it to the hole and the shots will start to fall.

  18. Great basketball game to watch as a fan of basketball… that being said the hawks had 33 fouls called against them. ridiculous. everytime pierce touched the ball a foul was called. THE HAWKS HUNG WITH THE WORLD CHAMPS WITHOUT JOSH SMITH, NO ZAZA IN THE SECOND HALF due to injury, AND SOLOMON FUCKING JONES and that scrub randolph morris playing. The celtics bench is absolute garbage without Posey, check the box score. Great shot by Pierce and great play design by Doc at the end, though. I dont see the old guys beating the hawks on a consistent basis, especially with josh smith coming back. Your reign is over. See you in December.

  19. NewsFlashMike -The celtics bench is absolute garbage without Posey, check the box score.

    You must be from ATL cuz a dumb ass comment would not come from here. If you like looking at box scores maybe you check the bench for almost every other game besides last night and the raptor game because the bench has picked up the slack for the starting 5 and kept them in games that the majority of the L would have lost.

  20. yea check the box score for the ddeeettttroooittt basketball game… pull another dumb ass comment out of your ass. keep hatin cuz we love it.. were the champs. i do give credit to atlanta they looked really good last night… but i still fucking hate them and cant wait to send them packin like last year… LETS GO CELTICS

  21. I agree with NewsFlashMike, obviously the C’s won this game because Josh Smith didnt play and because Zaza couldnt play in the second half

    Im sure that when the Hawks will play the Celtics next time providing ALL their players are healthy they will wipe the floor with those hacks from Boston

    Nevermind the fact that they probly wont shoot 59% from the 3 point line ever again in their lives and i bet my life that NEXT TIME ray ray and eddie probly wont go a combined 2 for 19 from the the 3 point line

    PS what is up the C’s getting down by 16 every game? are they trying to set an NBA record for most comebacks from down more than 15 in one season? that has to be it right?

  22. I honestly dont see the Old Guys going very deep in the playoffs with that bench. One injury to the big 3 and thats it. The hawks-Old Guys reminds me bulls-pistons back in the late 80s early 90s. The pistons crushed the bulls every year and eliminated them from the playoffs. then the bulls finally overtook them and never looked back. the celtics are old…they are finished unless they make a trade this season or make a big offseason pickup. Did you guys see Ray Allen last night? He is a class act (the only one on your team besides Doc and Powe), but where is his shot? Once again, THE HAWKS HUNG WITH THE WORLD CHAMPS WITHOUT JOSH SMITH, NO ZAZA IN THE SECOND HALF due to injury, AND SOLOMON FUCKING JONES and that scrub randolph morris playing.. i guess there is no point arguing anymore and let the games and the season play out. I will be back here for the december matchup between the two teams. great win last night for the old guys. good luck defending that title.

  23. I wish the hawks had Josh smith last night it would have been great he would have had three spectacular blocks 18 points 9 boards and taken out the guys who shot 60% from the three point line

    i would have taken that tradeoff anyday

  24. Marvin Williams hit 1 3 pointer all of last season – 1, total.

    He hit 4 last night.

    If this is Atlanta’s game plan going forward, I know a dealer in Las Vegas who will gladly take their money.

  25. I like how this Hawks super fan watched the Celtics play one game this season and became an expert on the Celtics bench. Oh and as for these “old guys” (although the Celtics don’t have MJ) Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman were a tad bit older and won 2 straight. Jesus, it is not like the are pushing 40…

  26. ugh, typo I meant they won 3 straight of course.

  27. Bill, I know other guys have been missing layups too, but in this case I was specifically talking about TA. I love the dude to death.

  28. […] to take over games – he does. Just ask Cleveland, Toronto (The Mother Fffin Truth Part I), Atlanta (The Mother Fffin Truth Part II) and Milwaukee – all teams stung by his greatness this season. Not to mention, he’s busting […]

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