Doc Rivers Drew It Up Perfectly

buzzerLast year, the Celtics KILLED everyone out of time outs because the Celtics executed their plays to perfection.  Last night, Doc Rivers drew one up that gave the Hawks absolutely no choice but to play everyone straight up… because doubling Paul Pierce would have left a great scoring option wide open.

In #3, you could see Paul’s passing options IF the Hawks had doubled.  But since they hung back… and since he left Horford in the dust with the crossover… Pierce’s best option was to take the jumper rather than slash.  This overhead view shows just how much room Pierce had to take the shot.

Paul Pierce was the assassin… but it was Doc Rivers who ordered the hit.  Paul should get a ton of the credit for hitting the shot… but Doc should get the credit because this credit is due.

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16 Responses

  1. I remember 2-3 years ago when everyone was constantly calling for Doc’s head. I stood fast and never jumped in on that wagon. Where are all those haters now?????

  2. So Doc’s a genius for his basic knowledge of how to space the floor? Good lord….

    C’s never would have been in that spot if KG didn’t sit on the bench for 2/3rds of the fourth quarter.

  3. I was one of those haters and still don’t think Doc’s a great x’s and o’s guy. Thibodeau (on d) and veteran players like KG, Ray, and Pierce hide it.

  4. Right here Matty S!

  5. Oh come on Chuck. When does the guy sit? Do you play him 48 minutes?

    You still can’t give Doc credit.

  6. HATERZ! :)

  7. Right….I’m crazy for asking the KG play two more minutes. Put him back in with 6:56 left instead of 4:56 and maybe the game isn’t so close down the stretch.

  8. Or maybe he’s too tired to execute the play properly.

  9. Where are all those haters now?


    Doc still cant handle a rotation, ex#923384 KG sitting on the bench toooooo long last night

    but thats alright cause hes got the jewerly as long as he has that hes fine with me

    Oh and Paul Pierce told me to check him in as one of those haters 2-3 years ago

  10. KG needs the rest but Pierce can play 45+ minutes per game. Love that logic…

  11. Who’s using that logic? Are you trying to pretend I’m using it?? Because I don’t recall anyone mentioning Pierce’s minutes here.

  12. You stretched my comment that KG should play two more minutes into this:

    “Oh come on Chuck. When does the guy sit? Do you play him 48 minutes?”

    And I’m just saying – if Pierce can play 45 minutes, then KG can play 37 instead of 35.

  13. Would like to see both play less. Dont trust TA and would like to see Walker get some burn, hopefuly we can put teams away early to Doc opportunity.

  14. Hey guys, we won the game…. SO STOP ARGUING!

  15. If Doc were a genius he would have found way for Scaly to sink the game winner.

    Bottom line – the Truth prevailed, its a W and he did it right in Horfords face. Booyah!

  16. Double P: Chuck and I don’t know any other way to interact with one another.

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