Rajon Rondo Droppin’ Dimes

Nothing but Rajon Rondo highlights from last night.  He made some sick passes.  That first oop to KG was awesome.


6 Responses

  1. Woodson was using Rondo’s man as the roving defender last night….especially down the stretch…Rondo made one jumper but airmailed another. I’m curious to see if his jumper improved at all after last year….

  2. He’s not shooting like he did last year. I remember he was taking a lot of shots early last year. He’s not doing that so far.

    What I have seen a lot this year is him dropping the ball back to the trailer. He did it twice for Pierce 3’s in that highlight… I think once to KG. He had a great one for that huge KG dunk against Milwaukee. I think that’s a comfort level knowing these guys are going to be trailing.

    I’d still like to see Rajon shoot a little more.

  3. Rajon Stockton?

  4. He looks so much more in control than he was at the begining of last year, he looks like hes really coming into his own as being a floor general

    id say id like to see him drive a little more but i want him to be healthy all season

  5. Loved how after the first ally KG looked at Morris like he was going to kill his family. He told him to think twice about steppin to him without saying a word. I bet that kid still hasn’t slept yet.

  6. My favorite was the bounce pass to Pierce for the three where you could see Rondo’s eyes lock in on him. You could make the argument that with the scoring threats he has around him, he doesn’t need to take that many shots.

    All-Star game voting opens today and I’ll be voting for Rondo every day to get him on the team. I can live without Perk on the team, but Rondo and the Three Party must be there.

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