The Paul Pierce Buzzer Beater

(via The Sports Dollar)


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I couldn’t catch the game out here and Sirius didn’t broadcast it either (which is the only reason I have Sirius), so I had to scoreboard watch on the internet. Not as exciting as this to say the least. This Atlanta team is tough to kill-I hope we don’t see them in the playoffs this year.

    God I love the Celtics!

  2. Ah, sweet, sweet, sweet. It was like the playoffs only a new season of kick-your-ass.

  3. yo I bleed green in LA use to watch any basketball

  4. That was such a perfect play. No possible way to double team Pierce without leaving Ray or KG wide open. Pierce had the mismatch… so he took it.

    I might have to do a breakdown for the morning update.

  5. nobody can touch pierce at the end of games. he’s jordanesque at this point.

  6. I will say it again, I nearly fell over the balcony when he hit that shot because I was jumping around so much. And again nothing better than seeing all the Hawks celebrating at center court after the 3-pointer that gave them the lead and then watching their faces after Paul plunged the dagger in.

    Hey I Bleed Green in LA – Sirius pulled a fast one on everyone. Yesterday they switched their channels due to the merge with XM. You now have to add XM to get NBA. Freakin nice huh?? They also dissolved half my fav channels and added XM ones in their place. SOO PISSED! I already wrote to them twice and you should too. This is BULLSHIT!!!

  7. […] – Hawks  Player of the Game:   Paul Pierce Hawks at Celtics in pictures Red’s Army    Paul Pierce buzzer beater Doc Rivers drew it up perfectly  ESPN    Playoffs? This fantastic Celtics-Hawks clash requires […]

  8. REALLY? I pay yearly not monthly, so I paid for the programming I wanted for a full year. They should not be able to pull this shit. NBA and NFL were the reason I went with Sirius over XM. I will start writing them today, I need my Celtics.

  9. I have XM…. I’m psyched to be getting NBA. But I didn’t know you were getting screwed like that.

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