Who’s More Clutch: Pierce, Kobe or LeBron?

Anyone with an ounce of basketball knowledge knows the answer is Paul Pierce. But what do the guys on Pardon the Interruption think? Have a listen:

Pardon the Interruption Podcast

(Scroll about 3/4 of the way through the podcast….the clutch debate comes after the toss to Sportscenter and before the Big Finish – it’s 21:55 if the timer appears)


8 Responses

  1. More clutch, Paul or Larry?

  2. Larry…..not even close.

  3. Yea dude, definitely Larry…

  4. That’s a great picture.

  5. I know, I just didn’t want anyone talking about kobe

  6. you actually think Kornheiser watches NBA games? Who gives a fuck what he thinks.

  7. Dumb….PP isn’t more clutch than any of those guys. PP is a solid player….one of the better players in the league without a shred of a doubt. HOwever, he isn’t in the same area code as Kobe, Dwade, or LBJ. Anyone who think the wet rat Paul Pierce belongs in that discussion is either completely clueless or a blind homer

  8. WHOA ARE YOU KIDDING ME? clutch. i mean do you know what that word means? like maybe you’re not going to win the scoring titles every year like kobe tries to (takes over 30 fucking shots a game sometimes) but clutch means exactly what paul pierce and the celtics did to those lakers, when it counted in those finals. clutch is what Bill Russell did nearly every year, even though everyone was being wowed by players like Dr. J. Clutch is bringing home that championship, not scoring 50 a game, so Lebron and Kobe without Shaq, you guys still havent done it. and good luck to you, but kobe couldnt even get off pierce’s d. he stepped it up, and kobe had no answer.

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