Blame Me

Anytime I make a bold prediction, like the Nuggets Have No Shot, always assume the opposite will happen. I had no clue the Celtics bench wouldn’t show up tonight.

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  1. Celtics suck how the hell do you lost to the nuggets. Unlike Boston, Lakers beat Nuggets and have the best D in the league right now

  2. Doc needs to give Gabe, Walker and POB more time. House had a decent game but has been inconsistent as has TonyAllen. Powe and Big Baby have not been world beaters lately. They need to feel some pressure from the end of the roster. Not only that the end of the roster will provide energy

  3. As expect Laker troll are predictable and their team is without a ring and will be again this year I am sure.

  4. I may be the only superstitious, fan left in Boston thanks for the loss donkey.

  5. It’s probably better in the long run that the Celtics don’t keep pulling these kind of games out; hopefully it will provide a wake up call. I’m glad Doc knows the offense is messed up. The bench has to pick it up. Rondo is hurting the team offense too. Teams are just not playing him at times.

    I tell you what though, even though the Nuggets certainly played harder and more purposefully, that “defense” towards the end of the game was pretty disturbing. Especially that “steal” by Nene. My god, pull the whistle out of your ass, ref…and the corollary is Perk better not be hurt seriously or we better be signing McDyess.

  6. If there is anyone to blame, then blame Posey for leaving

  7. Maybe even Sam I am would provide a spark. Bench lacks intensity

  8. Well, Lakers are getting smoked by the Pistons. Weird night in the NBA.

  9. You know… last week I called them the “MVB”. Now they’re having some issues. Neither was going to last forever, really. The bench will be fine.

    My bigger concern is Rajon Rondo right now. He’s not even trying to be an offensive threat. He was under the hoop with no one around him and he passed it out last night.

    I appreciate the pass-first mentality… but he’s got to realize that if he’s not at least a THREAT to score, he won’t be able to make his passes.

    I think Rondo’s taking a step back.

  10. OK OK…lakers and celdicks both lost last we are lost to a team we beat..and we lost to a team you beat..

  11. I agree John, if Rondo doesn’t even consider scoring an option than defenses don’t have to consider him either, it makes things a lot harder on the other 4 guys to produce, even with Rondo finding them in good spots.
    What I honestly think is going on is that Rondo is concerned with getting his assists per game up and that is why he doesnt even think about scoring, he wants to try and get a high APG which goes completely against the team mentality and its hurting us.

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