Nuggets Have No Shot

The Denver Nuggets conclude their road trip at the Garden tonight. They’re coming off a 110-99 loss in Cleveland last night. Meanwhile, Doc Rivers called off yesterday’s practice after only a half-hour. All those add up to one thing: a Celtics victory.

Scott Souza says Bill Walker and Patrick O’Bryant had to separated during a scrimmage yesterday:

In what has become almost predictable, Walker eventually raised the ire of a teammate or foe – in this case O’Bryant – and the two had to be separated. More specifically, Walker had to be held back from O’Bryant.

Since the beginning of training camp, Walker has had run ins with Kevin Garnett, Tracy MacGrady and nearly LeBron James. He’s a feisty guy. As usual, nothing much came of it and they continued with the scrimmage after a few seconds of drama. Walker may have gotten the last laugh in the scrimmage with a monster alley-oop slam from Cassell.

We all love Walker’s intensity, but the dude might need to tone it down a bit.

Rajon Rondo’s shooting is the subject of Frank Dell’Apa’s column in the Globe:

In fact, Rondo is second on the Celtics in field goal percentage (.532) and second to last in free throw percentage (.543).

I haven’t noticed much change in Rondo’s outside shooting, yet he remains effective when driving into the lane. His most important stat: assists. Right now Rajon is averaging 6.7 per game, 10th in the league.

Speaking of stats, Paul Pierce is shooting 40% from 2s and 40% from 3s.

Pierce has his charity bowling event on Monday, and he’s also got a cool raffle for his Truth on Health campaign. A meager $10 investment could score this:

  • Winner and 15 guests (16 total) will enjoy Paul Pierce’s Private Luxury Box, including food and drinks, for a Celtics Game
  • Winner and 15 guests will meet Paul Pierce court-side before the game and have their picture taken with him
  • Winner will receive an autographed authentic Paul Pierce Celtics jersey
  • Winner will also receive a cash prize in the amount of $2,082.86 to mitigate the Winner’s tax liability that results from winning the raffle.

Let’s enter and make it a Red’s Army party.

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7 Responses

  1. I think that jumper Rondo hit late against Atlanta was his first of the year. he’s hardly taken any to begin with; most have been bailouts at the end of the clock, it seems like…

  2. Chauncey tried to hide from his beating by getting out of Detroit last week but we found him. Him and the Nugglets are going doooooown tonight

  3. completely off topic..but it looks as though gerald green found himself a home with a spot on the mavericks

    hopefully he can hang on…kids an athletic freak

  4. Way to jinx us Chuck :(

    Never say never!

  5. Cue the Laker trolls!

    They are so predictable. I am sure they will show up because the C’s lost.

  6. […] I make a bold prediction, like the Nuggets Have No Shot, always assume the opposite will happen. I had no clue the Celtics bench wouldn’t show up […]

  7. Thois blog site is so boring..yawn

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