Sasha Vujacic Sucks At Everything

Jeez… the guy even flops on chest bumps.


9 Responses

  1. Hahaha….look at him go up for the chest bump like a wuss…turning his body like the little girl that he is.

  2. Chest Bump is one of the worst sports celebrations ever.

  3. what a loser!

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  5. hahaha first odom passes the ball out of bounds to a player on the bench then this thanks for the laugh flakers

  6. Machine fall down, go boom. A good belly laugh always helps a hangover. fucking pats…..

  7. Sasha “Yous-a-bitch”

  8. What do you expect? The guy cried on the bench when LA got stomped by the Cs in the finals.

  9. Was he crying after? Did he go to the bench and beat the towel boy? Did he tell on Ariza?

    Come on you know he did one of the 3.

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