Playing Like Garbage

Typically, I celebrate any overtime win, especially wins that come on the road. But watching the Celtics struggle against a Bucks team without Michael Redd and Charlie Villanueva was downright painful. I don’t care about the back-to-back or 5-games-in-7-night stretch.

The Celtics broke this one open in the 2nd quarter, thanks in large part to the bench (I confess – I got roped into Wedding Crashers and missed most of the first half but I’ll take Mike Gorman’s word for it). Unfortunately, the Celts pissed away a 12-point fourth quarter lead. Guys named Luke Ridnour, Ramon Sessions and Luc Mbah a Moute helped the Bucks force overtime. Giving up 18 offensive rebounds to the Bucks also didn’t help the cause.

The C’s won this on their defense in the final 5 minutes; Milwaukee went 1-10 from floor.

KG fouled out in OT on a dumb blocking foul on Ridnour. Gorman hinted that maybe KG didn’t realize he had 5 fouls at the time. I love you KG but that’s inexcusable. And if you did know, you can’t go out on a cheesy play like that.

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5 Responses

  1. Watching the came on League Pass, I have to say the Bucks announcers are some of the worst I have ever heard.

  2. Chuck, you’re being too hard on ’em. I agree it was painful at times to watch – but you really do have to take into account the marathon schedule they just ran through. We’re not a team full of first and second year guys with young legs anymore. The schedule and the rotation Doc has been forced to play has to be taking its toll on the big 3.

    The way I look at it, the boys have played horribly for this 8 game stretch – yet they still come away 7-1. In Ray Ray’s post-game tonight he mentioned something about how the C’s have been forced to find different ways to win during this stretch. The fact is, the Celts have been successfully overcoming adversity night in and night out (whether it be losing KG for overtime tonight, the Hawks shooting the shit out of the ball, or some stretches of horrible calls in the Raptors game) and I think they will be better off in the end because of it.

    Then again, I could just be trying to justify the sloppy play. Those turnovers in overtime tonight were BRUTAL.

    P.S. Much love to Scal for stepping up tonight!

  3. Scal had more points than Rondo and Perk put together…NOT GOOD.

    I know the Celts are winning ugly, but teams are gunning for them, and they need to get their act together and start playing like champs.

  4. I just hope they keep winning and play like champs when it counts–in the playoffs.

  5. These games are grueling… it’s amazing the amount of chances we are giving teams to take these wins from us and our D is the only thing that can bail us out. Our offense is horrible to watch, the only way we can score is late in the shot clock shots like 3s or jumpers or we get fouled and go to the line… I hope they start getting things together, any other team but the bucks without redd and charlie would have beat us tonight

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