Room for Improvement

The Celtics may be 8-2, but this team has been anything but consistent this season. Slow starts, bad shooting, and most recently, poor bench play have plagued this team.

The good thing is we’re the most miserable 8-2 team you’ve ever seen,” said Doc Rivers. We’re not happy with the way we’re playing. That’s a good thing. I’m probably leading that pack with our guys because all I talk about is what we’re not doing at times. You know, we’re winning games, but we’re not playing well enough to be the winner. We get that.”

It’s kinda scary when you think about. The Lakers – who have been playing out of their minds – are 7-1. And the Celtics – playing at 70% of their potential – are 8-2. My point? When things start clicking….we’ll be unbeatable. (Click here for league standings.)

Maybe the 4-games-in-6-nights is to blame for last night’s loss. The Celtics never give up 30-point fourth quarters. But will this team be any more fresh tonight in Milwaukee? Doubt it. I’m hoping Big Baby and Leon bring some energy off the bench. I’m hoping Perk redeems himself after getting man-handled by Nene. And I’m hoping Rondo regains a bit of his shooting touch.

Put down Doc Rivers as one guy who remains optimistic the C’s can resign PJ Brown:

“I think it’s 50-50, although I really have no basis for saying that,” Rivers told “What we really need is for the All-Star Game to be back in New Orleans so we can bring our staff to his house.”

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In an effort to cheer everyone up on this rainy Saturday, I give you the picture after the jump:

That’s Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak winner of the “Most Beautiful Bottom in the World” competition in France. Read and see more of her on Barstool Sports.


2 Responses

  1. I like that logic. Fakers have been clicking on all cylinders, and the Celts have been trying to give games away.

    Thanks for reminding me who’s the better team.

  2. Thank you for the sublime derriere. I didn’t watch the video, thanks for the heads up :)

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