Will Lakers Fans Shut Up Now?


The Lakers lost to the Pistons… a team the Celtics have beaten.  Now I’m going to my impression of a Lakers fan, in our comments:

ohh u lost to them??  we beat them ez.  U sukkkk!!!  ha ha ha.

Now, all you little kids run home now.  This is where the big boys play.


6 Responses

  1. Nuggets, ohh u lost to them?? we beat them ez. U sukkkk!!! ha ha ha.

    And I though they never had a shot.

  2. Thanks for proving Red Army’s point about Lakers fans, Bryan.

  3. Take a quick glance at the box score…Kwame Brown dropped 10 pts and 10 boards on the Lakers. Andrew Bynum – 8 pts, 9 rebounds. Yes…Kwame outplayed the man who’s going to propel LA to a title. Ha!!!

  4. You Celtics fans act all big, but where were you in 2006-2007?

  5. Big Boys? Last time i checked, the lakers were busting top tier teams like houston and new orleans, whereas the celtics had to go into Overtime to the lowly bucks. Yes, we lost to detroit, but we played a pretty bad game.

  6. So a 7-1 means the Lakers are a bad team? Odd way of looking at it.

    No team wins 100% of their games. Not the Celtics, not the Lakers not the ’96 Bulls. So what? None of that takes away from the fact that the Lakers are playing like the best team in the league right now.

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