In Honor of Scal

In honor of the Scal story today… here’s the best of Scal… starting with the most awesome interview ever. After the jump, Scal throws one down… and then he does what he does best.


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  1. Any of you season ticket holders remember when they used to have the “Season Ticket Holder BBQ”? Well the year we got Scal I was at the BBQ with my buddy Jon and we were walking around and all of a sudden we saw Scal. Jon tells me he’s gonna go razz him. So he walks up to the big man all excited and says “Hey Scal Scal!!! Hit some THREES this year buddy!!!”

    He was being TOTALLY sarcastic and Scal knew it. And he laughed along with Jon like they both knew it would never happen. It was just funny to see him actually aware of it. He must have just been happy that he was gettin PAID…

    God what a waste…

  2. I can’t get enough of that interview! When its all said and done that will probably be what he isremembered most for.

  3. An awesome interview from an awesome individual. In my humble opinion, he and Tony Allen were the real MVPs of the finals literally carrying Paul Pierce. That’s the truth!

  4. Magic steps up, says Kobe is better than Pierce

  5. Garnett suspended 1 game

  6. Unbelievable about the KG suspension. The refs reviewed the play in-game! Stern needs to be boo’ed harder than ever when he takes the stage in Boston again this June.

  7. […] points for Boston while Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo chipped in 15 a piece. Here’s a nice little Scal tribute in honor of his big […]

  8. Every Scal tribute is incomplete without Coldplay background music…

    Great interview. In all seriousness Scal is going to get a good shot as an NBA coach someday. I wish him the best.

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