Scal To Fans: Stop Cheering For Me

scalWhen the Celtics signed Brian Scalabrine, he was expected to chip in with about 15-20 minutes of productive play off the bench.   We quickly found out that really wasn’t possible.  But with the Celtics sucking pretty hard a couple of years ago, and with Doc having little choice but to ask Scal to do more than he should have, fans turned on him when he didn’t produce.

That brings us to the post-Big 3 Scal, who has rightfully been relegated to spot duty and mopping up blowouts.  We fans, as we are wont to do, have now started cheering for Scal as the love-able loser who we want to start draining threes. But Scal has a simple message for us:  Stop it.

“It detracts from the focus.  We are the Boston Celtics, and for the crowd to cheer for an individual takes away from our team and what we are trying to do.  Let’s just say it’s not ubuntu.  The way I see it, it takes away from what the Boston Celtics are trying to do, the focus that we have as a team, and how as a team we don’t believe in any individualism.  We believe in believing as a team.”

Of course, Scal is full of crap, because he knows full well what those cheers are all about.  He just doesn’t want to be treated like an autistic team manager.  It’s not like he’s railing against the “MVP” chants for Pierce or KG.

Quite honestly, I don’t blame him.  The chants for the last guy on the bench are a bit condescending.  If it was easier to chant “let the scrub who sucks score so we can officially celebrate this blowout”… we would.  But “SCAL-A-BREE-NEE” is just easier.

Boston Common Magazine

Boston Common Magazine

The whole Paul Pierce interview in Boston Magazine is now online.  It’s pretty interesting.  Here’s another excerpt:

AD: Not only are you responsible for winning on the court, but as captain you are also in part responsible for putting the team together.
PP: We were all on the same page. That’s why I never demanded a trade, like so many players do these days. Once we had that meeting, I felt the passion. I felt that they wanted to turn things around sooner rather than later. I knew something big was going to happen that summer.

AD: How did you react when you heard about the Celtics’ trading for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen?
PP: I didn’t expect that. I mean, I expected some better players, but by no means did I expect two future Hall-of-Famers. I thought we’d get one allstar player and then another pretty good player. No way did I imagine from that meeting [with Ainge, during the previous season] that we would get these kinds of players.

I guess he never did demand that trade… although I’m sure he hinted that he’d demand a trade.  Whatever… that’s in the past.  How about that GQ photo of the Truth?  They dressed him in some pretty nice stuff.  Can’t wait for the Boston Common blogger issue.  I’m gonna comb out my mullet, put on my Iron Maiden shirt, trim down my fu-manchu… and make sweet love to the camera.

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14 Responses

  1. I don’t blame Scal either. The chants make me uncomfortable; I can only imagine how Scal feels.

  2. 3 of my 4 years of college ball, I was the 12th man, you know your role, you except the fact the crowd is going to go nuts when you walk to the desk to check in or they start yelling your name during a blow out. you smile, you play hard, you role with it. come on scal you get paid millions, for his money I would play in a purple thong and pita bread wrist bands with a live duck taped to my back.
    quit your whining there are worse thing in this world!!!!!!!!

  3. no chance you can photo shop scal in a purple thong and pita bread wrist bands with a live duck taped to his back???????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Jester… if that gets you off… I’ll give it a shot. I think Chuck’s got plenty of shots of himself in a purple thong on his laptop. I’ll have to see if I can hack into it. I hope his password is still “iheartbackstreetboyz69”

  5. Scal’s right. It’s distracting and unnecessary. I always took it as more of a taunt to the other team, because it means we’re going to beat you with our bench.

    Of course he’s not going to say to the press “I know they are chanting for me because I’m the 12 guy off the bench” and he doesn’t have to. He’s not full of crap, he’s just not as much of an asshole as all his detractors think. He played a really solid few minutes during that Bucks game.

    And I know EXACTLY who the guy is who always starts the Scal-A-Brin-E chant because, he sits in my section a few rows back.

    Might have to have a chat with him at the Knicks game tomorrow.

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  7. Scal f’n sucks. Loveable or not. He’s jsut lucky he’s got the big 3 and 66 wins to stand on now. I just can’t turn it around from the ’05 and ’06 season when he was always the worst player on the court in every night. He is not NBA caliber. I will never chant Scal-a-bree-nee.

    He does hustle though but that sure as hell isn’t enough to get you by in my book. Hell, i’d hustle my ass off too for 5 mil. But no one wants my 6’0 white ass out there hustling.

  8. I don’t think get me off is the right term, Laugh my A*s off would be the right term!!! if it is beyond Photo skills that is understood it would be a tall order for anyone to do!!!!!athough did you say chuck in a purple thong………that would be way funnier

  9. Not going to stop Scal.

  10. If there is no more celebration, chanting, jubilation, and giddyness when scal enters the game then there is absolutely no reason to keep him around

    i feel like him speaking out against the fans for chanting his name is WAY more selfish than him relishing in the love of the fans, no way that the fans chanting his name takes away from ubuntu or promotes him individually that is ridiculous notion, its not as though sam or any other of the bench guys gets overly jealous of the chanting

    this is scal revolting against the fact that he is not taken seriously as an nba player

    and lastly i feel that this is tragic that scal has not cmpletely engulfed himself in accepting his role as the human victory cigar, its absolutely tragic, thats like kevin garnett not wanting to play defense or scream obsanities at anyone who’ll listen

  11. No offense, but like I said before – Scal is right.

    It makes me cringe when I hear the drunken frat-boy yahoo morons start the Scal-A-Bree-Nee chant the second he hits the floor. It’s like someone invited a bunch of NBA Fantasy League Clowns/Gambling addict tards to the game, who all think they know the game better than the players. You guys are a bunch of clowns, and to most fans and OBVIOUSLY to the players, that shit isn’t welcome.

    I know the NBA is all about trash talk and bragging rights, but you idiots that think the Scal taunt is funny should be kicked out of the Garden if you can’t see how disrespectful and idiotic it is to your OWN TEAM. If you don’t like Scal because you can’t see past his stat line, fine. You’re entitled to your opinion, however uninformed or simpletonesque it might be.

    Seriously, cut the shit.

    You want to taunt?

    Taunt the OTHER TEAM.

    Guys like Bibby, Artest, Starbury, Kobe, Lebron. They deserve the taunting. Not guys on our team.

    Just like the players always say when talking about on-court behavior – “Act like you’ve been there before.”

  12. I completely agree with Danno, I never liked the Scalabrine chant, why taunt and get one of our players out of focus? I just picture drunk college kids thinking its funny when really its completely distracting and uncomfortable for our whole team, let alone Scal. Yeah he makes plenty of money and may be over the hill as a player but he can still contribute like you guys saw the other night against the Bucks. He would never have played that well if he was at home b/c of the chants that are downright disrespectful. So take heed of what he is saying, and stop the chanting!! I am a big fan of chanting and taunting the other team though, more of that??

  13. I for one am glad to see Scaly get some more minutes. Now comes the resurection of my favorite drinking game -Scaly makes a free throw, take a slug of beer-Scaly makes a 3 – order a round of shots.

    Seriously Scal, your taking yourself toooo seriously. Love the hustle, lose the attitude. Your game is an inspiration to fat white bastards like me who also cut the lane like a buffalo, are always just out of position for the reb, and have a jumper spotty enough to make people exclaim holy sh*t when you drain one. We’re drinkin’ bushmills tonight Scal, how about a three ball for old times sake……..

  14. Its halftime and I’m completely sober. Scaly – 1 assist, 1 foul. Rule change – Scal personal foul- chug a beer. Scal makes an assist -chug a beer….

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