Blame Pat Riley For KG Suspension

How would you like to be a Celtics fan who, in this economy, managed to get enough money together to take your kids to ONE Celtics game this year… and you get the one where KG is sitting over a terrible suspension? It’d be one thing if he took a legit swipe at Bogut. But this was just silly. And of all the people to blame… I say we should look first at Pat Riley.

That Knicks-Heat rivalry nearly ruined basketball. The slow, plodding, brutish thug-fests that Pat Riley tried to pass off as basketball made the game almost impossible to watch. We were one season away from official NBA barf bags in the online store. Get my point? It was gross. And don’t think the NBA has purged those toxins from its system yet. One look at the Kevin Garnett suspension and it’s pretty clear that we’re still feeling the effects.

I’ll forever hate that era of the NBA. It will go down as the most ridiculously unwatchable eras in NBA history. And the fact that it spawned a gunshy NBA is like looking at a bad tattoo on my butt. It’s a horrific reminder of a bad time in my life.

A few dozen of us bloggers got together and put together our first of many MVP and Rookie of the Year rankings. LeBron and Derrick Rose topped each list. But we have the top 10 MVP candidates and the top 5 ROY’s. Pierce is in there… although not as high as I had him (4th).

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14 Responses

  1. I nearly punched my fist throw my computer monitor when I saw this news. I saw the incident live and at no point did it even pop into my head that KG could be suspended for his actions. The NBA blows another call.

  2. I’m sorry. It was a bad call, two bad calls really including the Shaq/Stuckey call, but to blame the Knicks and Heat from over a decade ago is ludicrous. Th Bad Boys were every bit as physical, hell our beloved Celtics of the 80’s would be considered monsters. The game has changed (some facets have turned a might bit sissy for sure) but the league is reacting to the size speed and strength of the players. Can you imagine the damage McHale would have done had he clothes-lined LeBron at full speed rather than dopey Rambis? How about if it were Shaq throwing punches at the back of Laimbeer?

    Calls get blown, sometimes for us, sometimes against us. Sometimes the league over reacts and sometimes under reacts. Garnett probably should have been called for taunting last week, probably no call for this incident.

    Sure I’d be ticked to finally get to a game and KG is not playing, but I’d be more ticked if he was there and they lost. I love the Team, not single guys…I mean come on dude, I’m not gay.

  3. So who do you think will get the start tonight? Powe? Big Baby??

  4. Scal will get the start.

    Just like he did when KG was out for 9 games last year. 7 of which they won, with Scal starting.

  5. Dear LORD…

  6. And I bet we’ll lose this game, because all of the MORONS who think Scal sucks because all they look at is his stat line, and who taunt him on his home court.

    Seriously, I wish all these idiot frat boy/NBA Fantasy League clowns would just go back home to Connecticut and Maine and stop pretending to be Celtics fans because they jumped on the bandwagon last year while they are here in school at BC/BU/NU.

    The unfortunate side of winning the championship in 2008 is that the Garden is slowly becoming just like Fenway Park now. A fucking lame Kenmore Sq. Nightclub/College Dorm Party atmosphere, rather than a pro sporting event. People going there to “party” “get wasted” and “hook up” and be seen on TV, rather than to actually root for the team.

    Stupid garbage.

  7. I agree with you that the garden is becoming like Fenway park, and I hate it. But I have to disagree with you on Scal. I have watched him pretty closely since he signed with the team and I just don’t trust him. I am no basketball guru but I feel I know a lot more than your average bandwagon fan. And personally I just don’t trust him out there. Here’s hoping he will prove me wrong tonight if he does indeed get the start…

    There are only a few true fans who sit around me anymore. It has been so strange to watch the progression since the awful season of two years ago. We were awful but you at least knew then that most people at the games that year were true fans. Then last year everything changed. True it has been pretty shitty to look around and realize all the people sitting near you don’t even know a damn thing about basketball. But I guess this is what happens when you have a really good team.

    I was too young to go to games during the era when we dominated. It must have been nice to have a GREAT team and an arena filled with GREAT fans. Not this crap.

    So what the over under on Scal airballs tonight? :)

  8. I don’t trust him to be a regular starter or even a regular rotation guy either. but to fill in in spots as a big, be a pest on D, and cause a lot of havoc in the Post – I do trust him. and that’s fine. I think his contract was too much too.

    But I understand the decision to give the ball to an experienced guy who isn’t the greatest over a young guy who has ability, but lacks consistency. Big baby is as aggravating to watch as Tony Allen most games. Flashes of Brilliance sandwiched in between fits of uncoordinated spasms. Leon is great, but he seems to get worn out quickly with a lot of minutes, and both of them tend to get into a lot of foul trouble in short minutes.

    It’s a virtually meaningless regular season game against the Knicks who are obviously going nowhere. You start Scal, and save Leon & Baby for when you really need them.

  9. You don’t have to go back to the Knicks to find fault with Riley. What he did to Van Gundy prior the championship is all it takes. Knew they were going to compete for the title so swooped down and then fled when they started sucking. The sooner that he and his hair retire to Bocca Raton phase 4b the better the league will be.

    As for the Garden atmosphere, I don’t mind the scene and think its a long time away from Fenway park. As long as people keep the cameras and phones away, they can hook up and booze all they want.

  10. In my opinion, Big Baby hasn’t improved since he came into this league. Would like to see Walker a little.

  11. It’s the fuckin Knicks. Woo the trainer could start.

    Can’t wait to punk Quentin Richardson again tonight.

  12. The Knicks will play a good game against the C’s tonight. I expect the game to be a close one, without KG playing. If Scal is starting the C’s can’t let the Knicks run them out the building, cause we have been starting games slowly. However, I think the C’s will make it a game before all is said and done!

  13. Scal could start and be OK against the Knicks. Maybe he’ll take it up a notch get on all fours and try his own version of the Cobra….the Scalamander.

    He seems genuinely pissed about his role, here’s his chance to win some respect.

  14. Come on Juan don’t let you’re love for the knicks blindfold you.

    And scals version of the cobra would be a sloth!

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