Celtics Win….Or So I Hear

This was one helluva game. Granted, I was only able to watch the fourth quarter, but that was enough. For those who don’t know, Comcast was relegated to an audio-only feed for nearly the entire 3rd quarter.

In a nutshell, Perkins was a monster (16 pts, 8 reb, 3 blks), Rondo returned to form (15 pts, 7 reb, 7 assts) and Leon Powe (14 pts, 7 reb) lead the way off the bench. And then there’s Scal. He played well in KG’s absence and buried the Knicks with a 3-pointer in the final minute. Comcast went a bit overboard with their praise in the postgame, but hey, I guess Scal deserves it.

Pierce (22 pts, 5-13 FG) didn’t shoot particularly well, but he dropped 11 in the final quarter as the Knicks refused to die.

Not sure what Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni had up his ass, but the dude was bitching all night. Some guy named Wilson Chandler (23 pts) played the game of his life.

Box Score | Recap

“I live for those moments…” – Brian Scalabrine


20 Responses

  1. Couldn’t come up with a better summary!

  2. “I love the game winners.” –Brian Scalabrine, postgame interview.

  3. comcast is a fucking joke; i hear scal might have played well

  4. C’mon G4L….you gotta give me some time after the game to allow the creative juices to flow….

  5. the broadcast technical stuff really has gone downhill since the went to Comcast. The fact that the CSN promo spots are 10db louder than the game or the other commercials is really bad.

    Bring back “SportsChannel”.

    And yeah – how about that Scal, huh? F’n haters.

  6. No I actually did mean You couldn’t of come up with a better summary.. that was pretty much the game. Perk was a beast!

  7. Haha, the last paragraph cracks me up. You’re spot on about D’Antoni.

  8. Just back from the bar, We looked good it is the Knicks though……Perk is a beast, HOW BOUT THE BENCH AND SCALLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ha…thanks G4L…guess I’m not used to praise around here.


  11. Take that, David Stern!

  12. Wilson Chandler is a very good young player… I wouldn’t call it the game of his life. I think he put up 27 or something last week.

  13. I was going to say – Wilsone Chandler looked really good against us in that preseason game too. He’s a good all around scorer. Reminds me of a younger Joe Johnson.

  14. I have a Question? How is Scal good enough to Start when KG is out….Doc did this last year when KG was hurt also….but not in the regular rotation when KG starts?? It really makes no sense…..Doc really has me confused on that one…..I mean we all know Scal hardly ever gets any time…but when KG is out , he starts??? He did a good job last night too…..hit some shots and played good D…..so why not have him the regular sub rotation….hell ,he def stretches the D , becasue he can actually shoot…..I say use him more and cut leon and Babies minutes a little…….please explain this to me though DOC??

  15. BaMaCeltic: Doc uses Scal when KG’s out because he doesn’t want to screw up the bench rotation. Its not because he’s any better than Leon or Big Baby, its just to make sure our young bench can keep its continuity.

  16. 8 points and 3 boards against the Knicks and everyone’s praising Scal? He had one good (for him) game. But he still sucks. When he goes back to airballing shots and getting burned because he’s fat and slow everyone will forget the five or so satisfactory games he’s had as a Celtic.

    Danny is making a request (actually an order) to Doc give Scallie minutes so it doesn’t look like a completely retarded signing on Danny’s part. It’s damage control on the Scal signing so it doesn’t completely fuck up Danny’s body of work as a GM. Once Scal starts sucking again, he’ll start getting the DNPs like usual. O’Bryant should see time before Scal ever does.

    And I think Baby should keep shooting the jumper. It’s a decent shot and a good third or fourth option and will eventually force his defender to come out of the paint and play him tighter.

  17. Scallie is in a contract year, so he’s taking it up a notch. It was great to watch him bury a couple of 3 point shots (so we could down some shots).

  18. JD : I see your point as far as the bench keeping its continuity, but it still makes no sense to me to have a guy that starts, when a guy is out but is also a guy that hardly plays….from one extreme to the other…replace an allstar(KG) with a guy who doesnt hardly ever play most nights when KG starts……If you go by the depth chart it should be Leon (Starter)…that would make sense and then maybe Scal comes off the bench for him…….There is no other example of this in the league I can think of….where a 12th man starts in a situation like this…..just kinda weird……
    Dont get me wrong either, im not sayin Scal shouldnt play either…if he can contribute and help Im all for it. Atleast he was ready when he got the call last night….so good for him, a true prfessional ball player.

  19. BaMaCeltic, I see what your saying, but if you think about it the move makes sense. Scal is not very good, but he’s not going to disrupt the first unit on offense very much. He’s just going to stand in the corner and shoot threes. Doc figures that Pierce, Ray, Rondo and Perk can produce enough offense on the first team that he can just throw Scal in there and hope he does what he did last night (drain some threes). Then the second unit can still play together with the same energy, you just have Leon or Big Baby coming off the bench a little earlier. Your right, there’s no other lineup change like that in the league, but the Celtics have a one-of-a-kind bench that truly is a second TEAM and they need to play together to maximize their effectiveness. If you start Leon and then have Scal come off the bench, its ruining the bench’s mojo.

  20. JD : Yeah i def see what your saying and you are right on the fact that Scal is good enough to not mess anything up..and he might hit some threes ….but then he falls out of the second team…it really sucks to be Scal….he is traped in a weird role for sure……but i guess atleast he get to fill his weird role while winning alot and getting rings…..Hopefully I can verify/analize Scals game when I go to the game against the Bobcats on the 29th…Looking forward to that!! Hopefully he will get some time and I can see him in realtime Action and report back!! LOL Good insite though JD.

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