Where Comcast Happens

So much for watching the second half….


6 Responses

  1. KG must of been going nutz at home… probably smashed his table

  2. Hey i have seen that technical difficulties picture in a year!

  3. That is ridiculous, I actually get a game in HD (Verizon customer) and then they even mess that up.

    What’s worse, Verizon customers have zero predictability when the games are in HD or not. Comcast, you make more money as a content provider than running cables to the door, but wtf you even screw that up? Either let Verizon buy all the games in HD, or Verizon cough up the cash and pay Comcast. You’re both getting a crap load of money, give us what we’ve paid for!! (fwiw, I’ve been told 3 different stories from Verizon customer service on if/when the games will be in HD 100%)

  4. Bantam – I’m a Direct TV sub, and we went through the same bullshit last year. maybe 2 of the road games were in HD, and the home games were most of the time, but not always.

    Thankfully, this year – it all worked itself out, and we’ve had all HD games so far.

    You gotta get on Verizon. It’s them, and (amazingly) not Comcast in that regard.

  5. What the heck happened? Was it just difficulties or was it somthing more? anybody know? Was drivin me NUTS!!!

  6. I didn’t mind (too much) the fact that there were technical difficulties. What I minded was that Mike & Tommy didn’t give the score as often as I would’ve liked. I guess they forgot that we couldn’t see it.

    I LOVE Donny Marshall. I think he’s one of the best sportscasters on the sidelines right now. He’s so enthusiastic about the Celtics…it’s contagious!

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