Eddy Curry Endorsement Opportunity

Just in case times get tough for Eddy Curry.  We’re here to help by passing along a little endorsement opportunity for him.

Eddy… I’d go for the one in pink.


I’d also like to introduce a new member of the Douchebag Hall of Fame.  It’s Quentin Richardson, for this gem:

“I think a few of those guys know they can’t just say anything to us,” said Richardson. “I’m just real curious to see what those guys will be saying if we weren’t in a basketball league, and didn’t have referees. I mean it wouldn’t be the same story. I mean they are the world champions and rah-rah-rah, but the tough part I don’t factor. I come from a neighborhood where you can say what you want to say, but ’til you do something, it don’t mean nothing. Some of those guys are happy to get a ring, but you ain’t been in the league long enough to talk to people like that. I don’t have a lot of respect for that. Like I said, I’d be curious to hear what they have to say in a different setting, I’d be very curious to see that.”

Ooooh… Q is a big tough guy.  I’m sure the Celtics are scared of your old neighborhood.  Meanwhile, while you’re defending your old hood’s rep… the Celtics are winning games and rings (yes, plural).  You know… the object of the activity in question?

Ever wonder why the Knicks have sucked so much for so long?  That quote right there sums it up.  That’s the kind of player that’s all over their roster.

Congrats Q.  You earned this.


On a similar note:  Lakers are still #1 in the RCS power rankings


19 Responses

  1. Hilarious post. Glad to see you dusted off the photoshop skills too.

    Does Q’s comment make any sense? He is a walking contradiction.

    As for being tough, don’t forget Pierce is a gang-banger.

  2. Who the fuck knows what Q’s talking about. I don’t even think he knows.

  3. I think he’s still pissed after Leon and Perk didn’t take shit from them last night.

    That just before halftime interview with Leon that Jughead(Dickerson) did was priceless. Leon looked like he was going to smack him just for asking about the little tussle he got in with Randolph.

  4. He celebrates by knocking his fists against his head band after scoring because he needs to remind himself he’s great… nuff said … dude is a turd… not just the normal turds … but one of those green ones you see every 4 months or so because like an idiot you tried the sushi


  5. Someone needs to send Q the note that Leon is not to be fucked with.

  6. very easy a top ten Redsarmy Photo Shop I’m still laughing Keep um comming

  7. Yeah, the C’s want to fight you Q. Last year you said, ‘they hadn’t won anything yet’ and shouldn’t talk.

    This year, they won’t fight you under the bleachers after recess?

  8. Q’s always been a huge Doosh. Where’s PerkIsABeast on this?

    Ever since the preseason last year when the Celts blew out the Knicks by 40 he’s been talking smack. But back then he was saying how he wasn’t impressed with the Celts at all despite his gaping ass wound and how the Cs haven’t won anything yet…

    He’s a colossal doosh.

    Like i said in my post yesterday, “I can’t wait to punk that Doosh, Quentin Richardson tonight.”

  9. Did the ‘ole neighborhood’ teach Q to pose like he has antennas when he finally makes a bucket?

    Wow, what a show of strength. You surely come from hard streets. ANyone that walks around with his fists on his forehead is f*cking hardcore.


  10. Qtip shouldn’t even be allowed to open his mouth let alone allow sounds to come through it. What has he done in this league? Nada.

    And excellent post, btw.

  11. Q needs to take lessons from brandon marshall on how to call someone soft, i for one was insulted at the job he did half ass-ing his way through calling the celts a bunch of pussies, you could tell he didnt even believe it

    obviously this is another case of q not being good enough, not a good enough player, not a good celebrater when he makes actually makes his threes, and NOT a good enough trash talker

  12. I see Q’s point. Lots of guys on the Celtics are arrogant and want to pump out their chests. They win 1 championship in many decades and they feel like they can talk trash to anyone and act like they’re all tough guys. I respect that they are the champs but the C’s really take the theatrics to another level. Don’t tell me otherwise Celtic fan, just look at the tape, Paula’s wheelchair theatrics, Gay-G’s “anything is possible” ahem rehearsed scream. I mean give me a break. Why you think everybody from Mike Bibby to Ron Artest to Q Rich hates the Celtics, it’s not a coincidence.

  13. Q hates the Celtics because they kick his team’s collective asses every time they play. If his team won once in a while, they’d get to do the talking. It’s pretty simple. Unfortunately for him and you homophobe, he does nothing to change that; he just prattles on and on about nothing that matters.

  14. “Why you think everybody from Mike Bibby to Ron Artest to Q Rich hates the Celtics, it’s not a coincidence? – NY Fan

    Hmmm…probably because no one with any real basketball talent in the NBA wants anything to do with them, because they’re nothing but talentless fake tough guys who start fights with people because they lose so much.

  15. There’s trash talking between the Grizzlies and the Clippers. Why would there not be trash talking in a Bos vs. NY game??

  16. “just look at the tape, Paula’s wheelchair theatrics, Gay-G’s “anything is possible” ahem rehearsed scream. I mean give me a break.” – NY Fan

    I’m surprised this Assclown didn’t pull out the “Remember when the Giants won the Superbowl on a Hail Mary pass to a nobody receiver???”

    New York. 13 million jealous losers who can’t stand the fact that Boston has been their daddy for nearly a whole decade.

  17. most likely eddy curry could beat u senseless u incopenetent sack if sh**

  18. Would he use his fists or his moobs?

  19. Lakerhater he’d use your carcass

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