Oh… Someone’s Gettin’ Fined

Not to beat a dead horse… but the Celtics ain’t happy with Kevin Garnett’s suspension.   

“I think it’s a joke, honestly,” Rivers said. “But they did it and we have to live with it. I’m just amazed the officials looked at the play for 5-10 minutes and didn’t even think Kevin deserved more than just a technical, and the league looks at it and gives him a suspension. I just wish we had more consistency in our league, I really do.”

That’s gonna cost him.  I wonder what the NBA fine for being completely accurate is?  $5,000?

One other note before I knock off early to continue drinking give you today’s links.  Rajon Rondo is clearly a Red’s Army reader.  After looking tentative on offense all year long, we called him out a little… and he responded by shooting 7-11 and scoring 15 points.   Hell of a game from Rondo.  You’re welcome.  And yes, we’re taking full credit for it.  Mostly because it’s the only kind of credit we can get in this economy.  I’m blogging from a dumpster behind a Starbucks right now so I can pirate their free WiFi and eat 2 day old scones.

After the jump, a 5 year old girl that’s a better ball handler than you… and the links.

(via Ball Don’t Lie)

Herald: Celtics get by without Garnett Celtics and Knicks don’t like each otherSuspension rankles Celtics Scal answers the call |  Globe:  Scalabrine found a callingCelts make a statement |  Camerato:  Richardson still unimpressed with Celtics (note:  did he forget he’s still Quentin Richardson or something?  Shut it, Q) |   Souza:  Something we didn’t think we’d do this year |  NY Post:  Cassell supports Stephon |  NY Daily News:  LeBron would leave for more moneyOden scores 22 (but loses)  |  Bosh scores 40 (but loses)


3 Responses

  1. Tony Allen should take some lessons by her

  2. Heh.

    I actually do that with the Panera free Wifi net to our office here on Broad St. when I need to test something with our VPN.

  3. […] Tinsley, Marbury still unwanted Celtics 24/7    KG-less Celtics pull out W Red’s Army   Oh… Someone’s getting fined Perkisabeast    What has become of my NBA? AFP    Pierce powers Garnett-less Celtics past […]

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