Pistons Got Rondo’d

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Rajon Rondo (18 pts, 8 assts) played his game to perfection tonight against the Pistons. He routinely sliced his way through the Detroit defense and either drove to the hoop or passed to an open teammate. He even nailed a 3-pointer. Oh yeah, he also had 3 steals and harassed Allen Iverson.

The bench, specifically Tony Allen and Eddie House, helped break this game open with a 28-point 2nd quarter. It was clear Detroit wanted no part of this fight. Down 9 at the half, Rasheed and friends came out flatter than the Olsen twins. At one point in the fourth, the Celtics lead reached 27.

The Celtics are now 4-0 against their supposed contenders in the East – Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto.

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After the jump, another great picture of my favorite sports reporter and some dude playing with his….



5 Responses

  1. Must have been a nice Picture.

  2. There’s a lot of talk about how the Pistons are still trying to “find themselves” and should prove to be much better come play off time. I don’t care. Maybe Rondo does read Red’s Army, he has shown himself to be the point guard the C’s need these past two games. And if he plays the rest of the season the way he did last night (even if he goes 5-11 instead of 7-11), we’ll lose maybe only 8 more games. Seriously, with our defense, how can we be beat with a point guard who drives and dishes/shoots like that?

    Now for the dead horse with the good. Someone commented that Perk is getting paid to set screens and block shots. Well how many shots did he block last night? When did he get called for that illegal screen? Hey Rondo!!! Have Perk start reading Red’s Army too…please.

  3. Playing Detriot got a lot easier when Chauncey left. Rondo’s got AI.

  4. Great win w/ the Big 3 only logging about 25-30 mins each. Especially w/ a game tonight. Granted it’s Min, but still…big win.

  5. […] smashmouth ball KG returns to Minnesota without home court advantage Red’s Army     Pistons got Rondo’d We can’t call everyone “The Big Three”  Win a championship ring […]

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