We Can’t Call Everyone “The Big 3”

AP Photo

AP Photo

My buddy Joe emailed me a rant that I think needs to be shared.

I happened to have the ESPN NBA pregame show on tonight and all throughout they kept referring to the big 3… that would be McGrady, Ming, and Artest of the Houston Rockets.  Are you kidding me?  Has this been the case since the start of the season?  The Big 3 is a legendary Celtics moniker, that was reborn last season when the Celtics got 3 legit stars.  McGrady is an all-star, but Yao is just a guy who’s always hurt that happens to be really big, and Artest is a nutjob.  And how can they give these guys that nickname when it’s currently being used in the league??  Why not call McGrady “the glove”, Yao “Shaq-diesel” and Artest “the answer” while they’re at it?  Or maybe call them the purple people eaters, or the steel curtain defense.  dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I think the best point here is that THE NICKNAME IS CURRENTLY BEING USED!!  You can’t use it on someone else.  That’s just lazy.  Hell, I think it’s lazy to call this Pierce, Garnett and Ray “The Big 3″… but that’s where we are right now.

What happened to people coming up with good nicknames?  Where’s the creativity?

Here’s some other stuff to get you through your miserable, corporate lives (I mean… other than adding that Jameson to your coffee):

Andray Blatche stinks.  He also smells bad.

Why did “The Machine” melt down in game 4 of the Finals?  Low batteries.

Want to know what a true American hero is?  The director who called for his replay.

I’d be speechless too. (Via Fan IQ)

Remember when we told you Shaq might have been Twittering?  That wasn’t Shaq.  But this really is… and he’s really Twittering.

And the Garbage Time All Stars hand out some justice to KG, and the rest of the NBA.


7 Responses

  1. I agree!

  2. kind of a big game tonight…where’s the action?

  3. The nickname thing is like when we say “Kleenex” as in “Vujacic needed a lot of Kleenex after game 4” but what we really mean is he used a lot of tissues of some generic brand that probably are half as soft as the actual Kleenex brand. “Big 3” is just a generic name evolved from an actual specific one at this point.

    So, to turn this on its head, I say we dub the Rockets “The Kleenex Three”, because even though they’re twice as soft, they’re half as good (irony abounds!).

  4. why has nothing been posted about smoking the new look pistons tonight? they are actually starting to play decent.. lets put those homos in their place!

  5. That Nuggs cheergirl was working real hard to unleash the hounds. She makes the cheercisions, because this is not a cheerocracy, after all. God bless her.

  6. yo redsarmy, ron artest, yao ming, and tracy mcgrady could all beat u sensless u peace of sh**

  7. Detroit>Boston, LOL

    Still bitter about the latest beating the C’s put on your team? LOL

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