Win A Championship Ring


Yes, THE championship ring. And bunch of other cool stuff. The raffle is to benefit the Shamrock Foundation and tickets start at just $2.00 each (minimum purchase of 5 tickets required). Here is what is included in the grand prize package:

  • Winner will receive an authentic Boston Celtics 2008 NBA Championship Ring with the Winners name engraved on the shank.
  • Winner will also receive 4 loge tickets to the February 5th Boston Celtics Game against the LA Lakers at the TD Banknorth Garden where the Winner will participate in a Presentation Ceremony. (Please note that the Winner’s ring will be custom manufactured and that the actual ring will not be delivered until 4 -8 weeks after the drawing date)
  • Winner will also receive a cash prize in the amount of $6,982.44 to mitigate the Winner’s tax liability that results from winning the raffle. This prize is withheld and paid, on behalf of the Winner, directly to the IRS ($5,770.61) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ($1,211.83)

You can visit the site to enter.

I’m crunched for time… so I can’t put links up. But really, what’s better than a $10 chance to win a Celtics ring?

Update from Chuck: Had a great conversation with the wife recently, after watching a promo for this ring raffle on Comcast. It went like this:

Me: God…I’d love to win that thing. Wife: How much is it worth? Me: Maybe $30-$50K. Wife: Wow…that’s enough for a downpayment on a bigger house. Me: I couldn’t sell that. Wife: What? You’d sell it.

You get the gist.


2 Responses

  1. someone should forward this to Kobe

    It will be his best shot at getting a ring this year

  2. Hey…. that ring is going nowhere but my finger. Me and Pollard will be flipping people off all over the place.

    Sell it. Come on.

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