Winning the ‘Ship = Swagger

WEEI’s Jessica Camerato has a great blog on the Celtics swagger.

There are those who understand it … like someone who’s been there before and can appreciate the pride of defending a title….

“You’re always going to have that [swagger], no matter who it is,” he (Rasheed Wallace) said. “Whenever you win that ‘ship, you’re going to come in the next season with a swagger that’s out of this world. We had it, Miami had it the year they won it, teams have it. You got to. If you don’t, there’s something wrong.”

Well put ‘Sheed.

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3 Responses

  1. This Q story has gotten way to much traction. I mean that quote was everywhere I went this week. SI’s Truth and Rumors, Daily Dime, Globe…ect.

    Wake up Quentin every people in every neighborhood everywhere judges you by what you do NOT what you say. The C’s aren’t from some special mr rogers hood. What more do the C’s have to do besides win the championship? The guys a moron and Dolan perpetuates the Knickerbockers demise by giving this guy and others like him contracts. Mike D’ will shape them up, but no thanks to management.

  2. Why Marburt is the only one sitting over at the Knicks by D’antoni is beyond me. Probably because the Knicks would have to forfeit the season and drop just about every player on their roster. LOL

  3. theres a lot of players i hate on rival teams in this league.. rasheed isnt one of them. hes a wild man

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