Raptors Still Junior Varsity

By the time I flipped on this game (late 3rd quarter), it was over. When the Celtics shoot 60+ percent from the field, they aren’t going to lose to anybody. How’s that for astute commentary?

Box Score | Recap

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  1. I was flipping between the Celtics and Pats. I saw Jermaine O’Neal try to play.. and he might have hurt his team early. Rajon Rondo continued to play like Rondo. KG was hot early (he even banged a 3). Tony Allen was huge in the 2nd quarter.

    Toronto is clearly not ready for prime time. Sorry Raps fans… you’ll make the playoffs… but you’re not gonna make much noise.

  2. The Raptors fans tried to boo KG when he got the ball, that lasted 1 possession. Then the score was 10-0 and they figured out that wasn’t going to work. Where are all the Raptors fans that were talking smack last game?

  3. I’m too lazy to look it up, but how many shots taken is PP averaging the last 5 games? At first I was loving it when the C’s would win handily with our leader taking under ten shots, but now I wonder if this is a conscious game plan or if there is something unsaid going on. I love the starters getting just about 30 minutes (though my fantasy teams hurt), but just want to make sure Pierce isn’t taking many shots simply because he doesn’t have to.

    Man do I love Rondo going to the hoop.

  4. […] Raptors Still Junior Varsity – […]

  5. He’s averaging a smidge over 10 shots per game over the last 5.

  6. Late in secend half when the game was already over Ray scored the basket with easy drive with complete lack of defense by Raps. After it crowd started “booing” its own team. Sad but Celtics had no morcy anyway. Only Bosh seemed to fight, he’s ok, but rest of them is wasting people’s money. Great game Celts!

  7. I watched the game on CBC, those canadians are a trip (and actually far more tolerable than Van Gundy). Even the home announcers were on the craptors case for lack of effort, defense,ect.. They seemed confused about who Scal was, they should have interviewed him post game.

  8. That was possibly the worst defensive effort I have ever seen by a “supposedly” good Raptors team. I am a Raps fan through and through. That being said, this team is not a contender. We have a few parts, but the final product is still a few pieces away.

    Boston looks prime to repeat, unless the great King James has something to say about it.

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